The fashion left the catwalks and department stores, to be in our cell phones and in the girl of our contacts who decided undertake. You only need an account Facebook and Instagram, many interested buyers, good energy and these tips to be the best “Neni” County.

Although, during the pandemic by Covid-19 the venture was a source of income for the thousands of people who were left without a permanent job, only some have transcended in the world of social networks and they have turned their small business into a great job.


Competition on platforms like Facebook o Instagram They are usually strong for many so these are some tips to succeed in them:

⚫ Create business profiles just to sell, do not use your personal profile

⚫ Create a concept that recognizes you and use it in everything: logos, watermarks, labels. Be creative!

⚫ Take photos with good quality and according to your image

⚫ Ten fixed delivery points or recurring do not forget them and, if you have the possibility, have home service

Specify everything in little text and in your image: size, price, details, wholesale quantity they are essential for shoppers. And do not lose your head with many will ask about the same

⚫ Ten schedules to post your products and announce it in stories, you will have more interaction

⚫ Do not look bad, we don’t want to be burned in Facebook groups with description “I know this group is not for this, but” or “I want to burn”. If they look bad, just finish selling. Much better to be recommended

⚫ Take care of keywords, we also know it as SEO – Search Engine Optimization -.

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Even if it hurts, you have to pay taxes; and more in this 2022 when it is expected that close to 5.2 million women that they sell in the internet informality They will have to be audited, as well as any person over 18 years of age with income from economic activities.

⚫ First of all, even to make your efirma and register in the SAT, check if you meet the requirements of the Tax Incorporation Regime (RIF), but hurry, because in 2022 the Simplified Trust Regime (RESICO) which replaces REF.

⚫ Seek advice from a accountant or accountant with a specialty in entrepreneurship

Invest in your business, the largest amount, but without being ruined

⚫ Not all nenis have had an advanced entrepreneurship course and they start with what they have, so just think about O when you go to create your company: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

⚫ Take note, these are the contracts you must have: Privacy Notice, Terms and Conditions, Services Benefits, Individual Employment Contract and Confidentiality Contract. There are Mexican startups like EasyLex that could advise you on legal processes.

⚫ Did you know that there are IMSS for nenis? Well, you can register and pay the monthly fee enjoying medical services, consultations, surgeries, retirement fund, medicines, disabilities, disability and life pension. As well as benefit your family.

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A few days ago, in Saltillo, it was reported that the modus operandi of thieves who posed as clients, who contacted the nenis through social networks, but upon reaching the meeting point they were assaulted.

⚫ Ask details of clothes, cars or something to recognize the buyer; it is worth calling or texting when you reach the middle ground.

⚫ Choose elapsed midpoints. The center is the reliable place for all purchases of Facebook or some commercial plaza.

Do not go alone, or when you buy. Always keep in mind a companion or carry a protection device, without incurring illegality, a feather or comfortable shoes can save you of an assault.

⚫ Check the transfers in your banking app or on the site of SPEI of Banco de México you only need: Operation date, reference number or tracking code, names of the issuing bank and the receiving bank of the payment, CLABE of the beneficiary account and amount of the operation.

⚫ Do you know the two-step verification? Do it in your accounts Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or any social network you use. You will only need an email and a phone number, both current and working.

Passwords difficult for anyone, easy for you; combine letters, numbers and signs in your access codes, at first it will be complicated but you will get used to it.

These were some of the tips that could help you in the realization of your entrepreneurship, it is to remember that you always have to go to with specialists so that they can provide us information, data, steps and everything you need.

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