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DER SPIEGEL magazine has again received a donation worth millions from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The financial injection to the magazine is not an isolated case. However, other donations from the Gates Foundation show that some of the funds are being used to serve highly strategic interests. Journalistic independence is at stake.

by Bernhard Loyen

It is not surprising that a blog that takes a critical look at DER SPIEGEL magazine published this information first. The journalist Thomas Röper, responsible for the Anti-mirror, informed its interested readers on October 9, 2021 that there was another transfer from Gates to Hamburg. According to information from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the impressive sum of 2,900,000 US dollars, that is just under 2.5 million euros, found its way into an account with the magazine in October of this year.

As early as 2018, SPIEGEL received a transfer of a similar size from the Foundation. Back then it was $ 2,537,294. Bill Gates gave the total a term of 36 months, which had now expired. He seems satisfied with the work he has funded. So he not only invested again, but increased the sum by almost 400,000 US dollars, this time with a term of 41 months.

But what may his satisfaction refer to? Five months after the first friendly transfer in 2018, the magazine informed its readers about the envisaged plans to use the money: “SPIEGEL ONLINE starts new project ‘Global Society'” was read in April 2019.

Jörn Sucher, deputy editor-in-chief of SPIEGEL ONLINE, said the following about future reporting:

“In reports, analyzes, photo series, videos and podcasts, we want to shed light on how people, institutions and societies fight to overcome social divisions and to counter global problems such as poverty, educational needs, gender injustice and environmental degradation – and which promising approaches they are pursuing. “

The article also let us know how the new project at SPIEGEL came about: “The project is long-term and will be supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for three years. The editorial content is created without the foundation’s influence.” Was or is that actually the case? Big European media like The Guardian and The country had set up similar sections on their news sites with “Global Development” or “Planeta Futuro”, said Jörn Sucher in 2019. And these were also brought into being with financial support from the Gates Foundation.

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In fact, research shows that The country in fact, received a one-time payment of $ 2,000,000 in 2016. Of the Guardian received seven transfers from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation between 2011 and 2020 totaling an impressive nearly $ 15,000,000. It is of course not clear why these hints from Der Spiegel should explain that this would rule out any influence on the part of the donor.

Interested citizens know that the investment fields of the Gates have represented an impressive breadth for decades. The philanthropist thinks and plans extremely strategically. A better-known trio would be, for example, the payments to the WHO, the vaccination alliance GAVI and substantial investments in the pharmaceutical industry – including the German company BioNTech. Influence meets research to end up, as is currently the case, in the trillions of dollars from mass sales of newly developed drugs.

Bill Gates is rather unknown in his role as the largest owner of farmland in the United States. As such, he leases his fields to dependent farmers who in turn grow potatoes in order to sell them to McDonalds, for example. The fast food giant uses it to produce the very popular French fries and ultimately ensures the steadily increasing profitability of Farmer Bill through a system of countless dependent farmers.

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Gates is also targeting those citizens who have no appetite for fast food. The latest investment field is “clean meats”, artificially produced meat from the laboratory that does not come from living animals. A clever move, on the one hand, to covertly support fast food chains logistically in order to publicly propagate a meat-free future in return.

Bill Gates takes a conscious, purely strategic look at all of these areas of society. Of course, all of these investments want to be promoted accordingly, and for this Gates in turn needs benevolent cooperation with the media. Exactly this can be found by binding selected candidates with the appropriate reach through regular financial support – supposedly completely non-binding.

Accordingly, SPIEGEL did not attract attention in the past two years because of its critical reporting on Bill Gates. Neither in terms of his dominant role in the global vaccination discussion, nor through his downright sleazy closeness to Jeffrey Epstein. The current reporting, as well as the interviews with the philanthropist Gates, are moderate to good. With the knowledge of the million donations in the background, this simply remains a process with a bland aftertaste, a taste.

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The author of this article therefore asked the Hamburg news magazine a few questions about the Causa Gates donation. Questions were asked about which reporting and which projects were financed with the funds this time, when and how readers and subscribers received information about the latest financial injection and whether the criticism for SPIEGEL that the donation could influence the journalistic neutrality of the magazine towards Bill Gates , is understandable.

The answer was very friendly: “Thank you for your email. We will get back to you with feedback.”

Sequel follows. One can be very curious.

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