After it was approved in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation the Front Food Labeling Law on October 27, they presented to the Congress a new bill that seeks to create the same norm for eggs. The people who carry out the measure want to make visible the process of raising the chickens. What is the new project about and how benefit al consumer?

The international organization Synergy Animal, together with the Coordinating Association of Users, Consumers and Taxpayers (Acucc) are the ones who work on the bill that promotes frontal labeling with basic information about the origin of eggs in Argentina. Gisela Riccardi, vice president of Acucc, spoke with radio AM 750 and explained the details of the initiative.

The “battery cage” system is the most cruel form of raising chickens because the animals are crammed into a space no larger than an A4 size sheet. The objective of the law is that the consumer knows where what he consumes comes from. “If we have the possibility to choose the one where the suffering was least, we will choose the one that provides the best welfare to the animal”, Remarked the reference of Acucc.

In addition, it benefits the consumer since they will be able to have information about what they buy, where it comes from and how it was produced. For this reason, the bill provides that the labeling indicates whether the egg was produced in a cage, in a shed, free range or organic, where the hen consumes only organic food. “Today there is no way to find out from the egg itself where it comes from, there is no legislation, hence the need for this project so that the production system is externalized,” he completed.

Years of work

“We have been developing this bill long before frontal labeling. Sinergia Animal has carried out all the research behind the eggs that arrive at our home to find out where they come from ”, remarked Riccardi. He also indicated that there are different egg production systems that the consumer is not aware of. 90% of poultry production occurs in “battery cages”.

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