Do you want to relax and help the body for the last pull of the year? The last long weekend of the year is approaching … how about some hot springs? If it seems like a good idea, you have to make reservations in advance: due to the pandemic, two things can happen that make it more difficult than normal. One is that there are restrictions on the number of passengers that can be received. The second, that people have soooooooooo eager to travel that the demand is high, especially in nearby places.

Internet searches in classic destinations leave suspicion of the latter. In red letters, Booking includes messages such as “there are only two rooms like this left”, and it throws prices in this range, for example, for Las Termas de Río Hondo: a double room for two nights in a 2-star hotel (some offer breakfast included ), ranges between $ 12,500 and $ 7,000, plus taxes.

A different option

That is why the lawsuit occurred to us to tell you about a possibility that you may not know about: a thermal complex called El Sauce, owned by the Salta Retirees Association. It is in El Bordo, on provincial route 122, kilometer 7, 17 km from the town of Güemes, that one -on route 9-, where it turns to go to the city of Salta.

And this is not a minor fact: walking through “La Linda” and enjoying hot springs will not be incompatible. “The place offers two alternatives,” Nelly Leiva, director of Tourism at El Bordo, highlighted to LA GACETA: spend the day there or stay at the hotel. For both cases it is important to make reservations at least 24 hours before the visit ”.

In the path

The proposal includes that, in passing, you visit the Posta de Yatasto: it is a good place to rest for a while, have some mates … and get closer to our history: there, according to tradition, San Martín and Belgrano met (see note Besides).

If you take on this adventure, most of the way you will do it on route 9, first, and then on 34 (you won’t even notice when you change …).

From San Miguel de Tucumán to El Sauce there are a total of 286 km. You will find La Posta de Yatasto when you have done a little more than halfway: at 157 km. You can rest there, enjoy the place … and you will have more or less an hour and a half of travel.

THE WILLOW. In the thermal complex it is possible to spend the night (not camp) or spend the day.

The complex

It has three pools: one of which is reserved for hotel passengers. Of the other two, the cover is intended for adults only. The pools are open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., except Wednesdays (from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.). There are 40-minute shifts for the indoor pool (maximum 50 people), separated by 20 minutes for cleaning and disinfection.

The water temperature ranges from 32 ° to 34 ° on the surface, and – the owners emphasize on the website – they can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from rheumatic and muscular conditions. “They also help in conditions of the respiratory and locomotor system, and improve the texture of the skin,” they add in the text. On the other hand, they emphasize, they are not recommended for children under 15 years of age. And remember that for the pools you have to bring a bathing suit and towels.

To spend the day you pay a general admission of $ 300 and you have to make a prior reservation on the site, or at WhatApp 387481-2760. It is not possible to camp, but -between 12:30 and 15-, the restaurant serves a menu of $ 450 per person (starter, main course and dessert; drinks are not included); there are three shifts of one hour each.

The service is also available if you stay to sleep, for which, we reiterate, you have to book. The price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. The rooms have air conditioning, DirecTv and wi-fi. Pets are not allowed.

If the option is to sleep in Salta, this is the basic info: the prices for a double room range, for those two nights of the long weekend, between $ 7,000 and $ 14,000.

Whatever you choose, enjoy it!



It is an old post on the Camino Real that was used by those who traveled between Buenos Aires and Upper Peru in the 18th century, as a resting place and, if necessary, to change horses and continue the journey. It has been a national historical monument since 1942, and has functioned as a museum since 1950. It is open every day until 4:00 p.m., but due to the pandemic, to ask for a turn, you have to call 0387- 4215340. “Being a national museum, the offices are in the Salta Cabildo, and everything is managed from there, reported Emanuel Martínez, from the Press Office of the Salta Ministry of Tourism.

The ride in numbers

– The entire route (one way) involves 285 kilometers.

– Without deviating, you will not use more than 21 liters of gasoline; which is why you shouldn’t spend more than $ 2,000.

– Rest and visit the Posta de Yatasto adds zero weight to your tour (no entrance fee).

– If you decide to stay at El Sauce, a double room, for two nights, costs around $ 9,600, with full board (except drinks).

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