Emilia M. M., a woman of 83 years, this one has committed suicide Saturday on Zaragoza after not processing his request for euthanasia. This is what the association denounces Right to Die with Dignity on Aragon, which has explained that the woman has thrown herself out of the window of her building, located in the Zaragoza neighborhood of The sources, because neither the doctor of Emilia, nor his health center, even processed the euthanasia petition of the patient.

This woman, as reported by the chain TO BE, suffered a congenital hip dislocation that, after many years, had deteriorated so much that it caused Emilia to be forced to be prostrate in her bed with strong and incessant pain during the last three. In fact, the woman was associated with Right to Die with Dignity and when the euthanasia law was approved, he took the step and began to process his request, according to the procedure established by the new regulations.

However, according to the complaint association and has counted the aforementioned station, even in Two occasions the request for the euthanasia of Emilia despite complying with “the requirements” and processing the request “perfectly”. The health Department, after hearing the case, explained that the Directorate of Primary Care of sector 2, to which the Emilia health center belongs, was looking for a doctor to process the request for euthanasia, since the doctor bedside of this patient had refused, declaring objector.

This happened, reports the station, in the month of July. “He presented the paper, in accordance with the regulations and the family doctor did not want to take it, she was absolutely scared, they argued a little,” he explained on the radio Consuelo Micao, a retired doctor and university professor and member of this association.

Your daughter’s paperwork

She was the daughter of Emilia who, apparently, tried to process his mother’s request for euthanasia. Unsuccessfully. Was July 8, but the woman “went home with the document,” that is, there was no evidence that she had started the administrative process. 15 days later, the daughter tried again to start the process, but “the family doctor did not take it either,” explained the teacher on the radio.

His next step was to ask to “speak to him coordinator” of the clinic, who did not lend himself to initiate the process of euthanasia request. The teacher Miqueo has continued explaining that Emilia She was very “lucid” and “had her advance directive document, which she includes in Aragon the express request for euthanasia ”perfectly done.

That is, as soon as the euthanasia law in Congress, the woman and her daughter moved. But the response from the health center was negative so Right to Die with Dignity considers that the rights of Emilia. A fact that, in the end, has made the woman have committed suicide this Saturday.

“It is a flagrant illegality because that document is clear and professionals must know it, it must be signed as a witness” and “it does not mean anything else that a person has requested it,” says the teacher. What’s more, Miqueo has added in the TO BE that “any healthcare professional can take [los papeles], as long as he guarantees that he is a responsible doctor, and enters that information in the medical record and at that moment the process begins “and, therefore,” the body that guarantees the user’s right, which is the management, is already notified and advised of the case ”.

In sum, Emilia and her daughter have faced many administrative hurdles. In summer, for example, the substitutions and later “his family doctor objected.” Despite this, in the opinion of Right to Die with Dignity the objecting doctor “has the responsibility of passing the information on to another colleague and, in the first instance, to the coordinator of the health center,” they have indicated to the station.

This family “has lived in administrative silence for a time, in the daily expectation that they would notify.” A notice that has not arrived and has caused Emilia has ended his life. its funeral it has been celebrated this Monday.

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