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6 Nov. 2021 3:58 pm

In a diary of US President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley, which has now been confirmed as authentic by the New York Times and the FBI, Ashley Biden describes drug abuse and affairs as well as “inappropriate” showers with her father Joe. She also asks herself the question “Have I been abused?” and replies with “I think so.”

A copy of President Joe Biden’s daughter’s diary has allegedly proven to be real. The FBI searched several apartments as part of an investigation into the alleged theft, media reports.

The FBI searched the homes of two employees of the Project Veritas disclosure platform on Thursday, as several media reported. The raids over which the first New York Times reported on Friday had a little over a year after the publication of the entire contents of Ashley Biden’s diary by the conservative US newspaper National File took place. Project Veritas stressed that it had nothing to do with the release of extracts in October 2020, but was apparently involved in the alleged “theft” of the 40-year-old’s diary.

The FBI appeared at the homes of several past and present employees and handed over a subpoena with a cover letter asking Project Veritas “not to divulge the existence of the subpoena … in order to protect the confidentiality of the investigation,” James said O’Keefe, founder and CEO of Project Veritas, in a video message on Friday, accusing the FBI of trying to “silence” him.

The case is being handled by the FBI and the US Department of Justice for the Southern District of New York City through agents and prosecutors who focus on public corruption. This is reported by sources familiar with the matter, the Times.

National File claimed to have obtained the digital copy of the diary that published it from a Project Veritas whistleblower, but insisted that they were told that the diary had not been obtained by criminal means. The whistleblower is supposed to National File said the diary was “left at an address where Joe Biden’s daughter lived”.

O’Keefe’s conservative organization had refused to publish the diary, but claimed to know where it was. Project Veritas later even claimed to have an audio recording of Biden herself admitting it was hers. In his Friday video, O’Keefe said the group had been contacted by whistleblowers who “temporarily” lived in the same hotel room as Biden’s daughter, alleging that she “left” the diary.

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O’Keefe said Project Veritas turned the diary over to law enforcement after first contacting Ashley Biden’s attorney, who “refused to authenticate”. O’Keefe stressed that he had contacted the US Department of Justice of his own volition and “provided incontestable facts showing that Project Veritas is not involved in criminal activities and / or criminal intent”. The group said they chose not to publish the diary because they couldn’t verify its contents or whether it really belonged to Ashley Biden.

Although the FBI initially complied with the agency’s wishes – at least according to O’Keefe – a call from a reporter followed shortly after the FBI’s visits Times, who requested an opinion on the court case.

The FBI declined to acknowledge the raids and informed them Times with the fact that it carried out “prosecution measures in connection with an ongoing investigation” at two addresses without explaining this in more detail.

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While Ashley Biden’s diary is teeming with potential revelations – including repeated discussions of drug use, failed marriages, multiple affairs, and her problems with her father, whom she allegedly showered with in situations that “probably weren’t appropriate” – the document became largely ignored by other conservative media and the mainstream media. The diary also suggests that Ashley was sexually abused as a child.

“Was I abused?” Asks Ashley Biden in her diary. “I think so,” she replies to her own question.

The US television presenter John Cardillo from Newsmax asked a very pertinent question:

“If the diary is not from Ashley Biden and does not contain incriminating information about Joe Biden, why should the DOJ (SDNY) [Abteilung des US-Justizministeriums für den südlichen Distrikt New Yorks] and then the FBI even get involved? Then it would just be a vanished, worthless book. The local police wouldn’t even investigate. You might take a report and forget about it. “

Another commenter added that he wasn’t at all surprised by the revelations.

A full copy of the diary can be found here at National File.

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