Not every week a Marvel movie is released in theaters. But if almost omnipotent beings are not your thing we have dance games, detective cats the return of Call of Duty and much more. These are the 13 essential leisure plans that we have selected for this weekend. Our motto: the weekend, leisure multiplied by 13.


Preceded by a cold reception in the United States, The first film of the new phases of the MCU with cosmic charge arrives on our screens. After that movie-bridge that was ‘Black Widow’ and a martial arts adventure with its fantasy point but without science fiction elements like ‘Shang-Chi’, ‘Eternals’ continues to delve into the great Marvel concepts, with beings of almost infinite power that perhaps represent the first step in the construction of a new galactic adventure like the one that had Thanos as a villain in the first three phases.

‘Arcane. League of Legends’

Riot Games’ hugely popular MMORPG now has an animated adaptation on Netflix, and focuses on the characters of Jinx and Vi and their confrontation despite themselves. The series has been produced by the studio itself, and is developed by the French Fortiche Productions, who have been in charge of productions linked to the franchise such as the video clip POP / STARS of K / DA, the virtual K-Pop group strongly linked to LOL.

  • Starting Sunday on Netflix

‘Dr. Brain’

Apple TV + celebrates arriving in South Korea with a series from the country. Tell us how a scientist, after a personal tragedy, experiments with the brains of dead people to extract data from them and find out what really happened to his family. Directed by groundbreaking Kim Jee-woon, director of a pair of highly disturbing horror and suspense pieces, “Two Sisters” and “I Found the Devil.”


A weekend of powerful news on Apple TV +, also featuring a Tom Hanks sci-fi movie that skipped theaters and ended up premiering exclusively on the platform. He offers us a friendly post-apocalypse, a ‘I am a legend’ without violence where a scientist in a world ravaged by storms builds a robot to take care of his dog when he’s gone

‘Stories to not sleep’

Amazon Prime Video exclusively updates some classic stories from Chicho Ibáñez Serrador’s legendary series that marked a generation of viewers. Rodrigo Cortés, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Paco Plaza and Paula Ortiz are the directors in charge of remaking memorable episodes of the series in black and white, some as iconic as that of the terrifying ventriloquist doll, ‘Freddy’.

‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’

The action game of the week is, without a doubt, the new installment of the veteran saga of shooters of Activision, which Sledgehammer Games has returned to WWII four years after the last game with this setting, and with change of graphic engine included. Stalingrad, the campaign in North Africa, France or the Pacific will be some of the historical scenarios in which to measure yourself alone, online or, of course, against zombies.

  • Disponible para PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Series X/S y PC

‘Just Dance 2022’

The new installment in the Ubi Soft dance game series is consistently despised by hardcore gamers, but blows over the sales charts over and over agains, without competition in the preferences of the party gamers more out of control. This year, in addition, the visuals have taken a spectacular leap, with aesthetic results as interesting as the fully animated video in stop motion.

  • Disponible para PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Series X/S, Switch y Stadia


This delicious indie of classic mechanics but innovative conception (Mix 2D beat’em-ups with roguelike elements and multiplayer for four people) has a vibrant and colorful hand-drawn aesthetic. To progress in it, the player will have to master the mysterious ways of voodoo.

  • Disponible para PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch y P

‘Aven Colony’ free on Epic Games Store

The free game this week on the Epic Games Store is this great single player galactic strategy title in which a new home has to be built for humanity on an alien planet where very different climates coexist, from tundras to jungles. Colonies will become cities and variables such as oxygen, electrical storms, tornadoes, toxic gases and other hazards will have to be taken into account. Besides the fauna and flora, of course.

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‘Invocations’ (Neil Gaiman and Santiago Caruso)

Cover Web Invocations

A selection of 17 stories and poems of Neil Gaiman exquisitely illustrated by Santiago Caruso and that play genres as different as horror, science fiction or fairy tales, but always with the undeniable stamp of the creator of ‘Sandman’. Alternative worlds and orniric labyrinths in a book full of dark imagination, and that find in Caruso’s macabre illustrations suitable companions.

‘The Explainer of Things: Difficult Things Explained in Easy Words’ (Randall Munroe)


Disclosure in its purest form for a delicious book, aimed at the little ones, but that it will be a true journey through human knowledge for readers of any age. Vertebrated in charming yet synthetic drawings and brimming with humor, this book literally explains everything from the structure of outer space to how a microwave works. So that it is understood.

‘Woodworm’ (Layla Martínez)


Apparently a story of pseudo-haunted houses, but really, much more. Layla Martínez is one of the brightest young writers in our language, and here unfolds a fascinating story about a house and the stories of those who have inhabited it. A house lost in the wasteland where voices are heard and where saints appear on the kitchen ceiling.

‘Blacksad 6. Everything falls – First part’ (Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Gua)


The best-selling detective cat ‘Blacksad’ is back, a true icon of storytelling noir in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals. This time, John Blacksad descends into the bowels of the city in an adventure that combines theater, journalism and municipal corruption, when he is commissioned to protect the leader of the subway workers union, threatened by the weasel mafia.

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