“They gave him 44 billion dollars and he lost the election”

In another part of his speech, Maximum Kirchner He attacked “media and economic harassment” and questioned the electoral conduct of the opposition.

It is clear, and you can see it every day and then even more after the recent electoral result, how that media harassment and also the economic power over the government is getting stronger: Nestor back in time called it the dismissing opposition. This permanent stalking that we are enduring every day, this daily fight that we have to give every day, we have to do hand in hand with our people, believing in our people, not letting the forms and much less the substance impose us ” said.

Along these lines, he referred to the discussions with the IMF: “Since we are talking about the Fund, look at how the hand will be, that yesterday when a slogan was known, a song that colleagues sing, became news. Suddenly one saw how all the media were clinging to a slogan made by militants, by colleagues to express what they felt, to try as always to confuse and misrepresent. “


Hundreds of La Cámpora militants participated in the event held in Lanús

“Whoever was president of Argentina between May 25, 2003 and December 10, 2007 was the one who paid the International Monetary Fund, it is difficult to understand what they want to propose” he expressed and valued “the effort of each Argentine and each Argentine that until that day when it was decided to pay the fund, he worked and worked without ceasing, because there was a president who asked him to accompany him and help him ”he said.

Criticisms of Mauricio Macri

In his speech, he referred to the relationship between the government of Mauricio Macri and the International Monetary Fund: “We understand that beyond the fact that the US and fund officials themselves confirmed that the loan of 44 billion dollars that they gave to Mauricio Macri was to try to win an election. Look at what was inept in the government that gave him 44 billion dollars and lost the election. And if I ask you, someone of you, if you saw the IMF loans in your neighborhoods, in your schools, in your universities, in hospitals, nothing disappeared, you squandered borrowed money “ he pointed.


Máximo Kirchner asked any government leader

Máximo Kirchner asked any government leader “not to be afraid and make him want to”

“It would be very good for the IMF to come to Argentina to explain and show us what were the studies carried out by the technocracy, the bureaucracy. Because we are willing to listen, because we are going to receive them in a very good way, because it really intrigues us for others to know, that technocracy, that prepared bureaucracy where the Argentine media always say that the best is, because the best for them is always outside of the country and not within, if they can find a technocrat who can say why they loaned him the money “he added. Maximum Kirchner.

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