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The once beautiful city of San Francisco is dying as myriad stores close amid a massive wave of crime. This is due to the short-sighted, progressive thinking that has created a system of elites and subjects.

A comment by Wayne Dupree

San Francisco is a crime-ridden hellhole, a city ruined by liberal democratic politics and intended to serve as a warning to America. I recently read that Walgreens retail company is closing five additional locations in San Francisco. Due to a runaway crime wave in the city represented in Congress by Nancy Pelosi. Yes, Nancy Pelosi!

I know, I know. Some of you may now think that California had its chance to stop such a development. But the people in the state vote as they have always voted. And you think: “You have chosen the same ones so often, and you have probably missed the last opportunity to save your state. You have made your bed and now you have to lie in it.” That may all be right. But my thoughts are with the innocent victims who have all been drawn into this development. You are welcome to call me a compassionate Conservative if you wish. But I am worried about these people.

Part of the problem is that all of these people want out of this city. They then move to areas with low crime rates, lower taxes and lower housing costs. And what happens there? These people change the political landscape by taking their overly liberal ideas with them. What is worrying is that many elected Democratic politicians do not seem to recognize the aberrations that are unfolding before their eyes. And until that changes or those progressive politicians are replaced in the next election, Southern California is likely to continue to fall apart.

Francisco used to be my favorite business travel destination. It was a great city to walk around, and some of my favorite restaurants and pubs were just a few blocks away from each other. Beautiful surroundings and wonderful weather. But now that I’m retired, I don’t feel like going back. None at all. What a shame.

With Walgreens and many other companies leaving San Francisco, it is a sign that the city is dying. Yes, the highways are still jammed with traffic, but if you have to go through there for a simple drug from the pharmacy, so do the criminals. The store closings will continue until all discounters are all gone. And as soon as San Francisco is done, the criminals move to the next neighborhood, then to the next, and then on to the next but one. The current incumbent administration of the city does not offer a solution for this problem.

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The progressives, the dreamers, and the ideologues often play a great game on the surface. They are masters at addressing emotions. But when they come to power it turns out that their ideas have no real basis, and their policies are short-sighted and heavily dependent on the vision of a human race that doesn’t exist. San Francisco becomes ground zero for what happens when you give these people too much power and influence. Progressive Wunderlanders create systems of two classes: elites and subjects.

And much of it is due to the fact that the intelligentsia in our country remains unchallenged. Many of the idiotic ideas that have taken root in this country come directly from “our best colleges and universities”. But the funny thing is, most of them are public institutions, and even the private schools couldn’t exist without public money. It is time, therefore, that we, the taxpayers, took back control of these institutions and asked them to educate, not indoctrinate, our youth.

We have to get rid of these foggy professors and their foggy thinking. We have to limit all terms of office, dissolve all agreements with the trade unions and reduce or completely close all faculties that cannot offer their graduates meaningful employment – for example, those from the courses in gender or ethnology, anthropology, psychology, art and so on.

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We need to force these institutions to focus on STEM, math, computer science, science and technology. Because these industries offer jobs in those areas that our nation needs. State lawmakers should review each educational institution annually to determine the prospects for employment for their graduates. And when these are bleak, the budgets are cut. The madness in the colleges must come to an end so that our nation can be saved.

Another problem affecting California is that other states are following suit. Democratic governors seem to believe that success can be measured by how quickly any new California policy is adopted.

As Ronald Reagan said in his inaugural address as California Governor:

“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than a generation away from extinction. It is not our inheritance; it must be constantly fought for and defended by every generation, because freedom only comes once.”

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When will this country finally wake up to the realization that politicians don’t care about their citizens? They only care about keeping their power and control of power. You don’t see any homeless camps near their homes, no illegal immigrants roaming around their neighborhood, or tax laws that could negatively affect them.

They live in ivory towers and tell us that we should be grateful for the so-called benefits they bestow on us from the height of their majesty. Well, there are an unlimited number of historical examples of this corruption by power where people stood up and said, “Enough!” It is now time for America to do the same. And California would be a great place to start.

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Wayne Dupree was listed in the top 50 most influential African American Republicans in 2017 and was a board member of the National Coalition for Diversity under Donald Trump in 2016. Before entering politics, he served eight years in the US Air Force. His website can be found at www.waynedupree.com and he tweets under @WayneDupreeShow.

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