King Felipe VI has claimed a “firm, permanent, constant and conscious defense” of “democratic values” in the face of their “fragility”, which, as the monarch recalled, “are not given to us.”

“The strength and security of a better future depend on responsibility, on the fulfillment of the duty that corresponds to each one, on solidarity and on our cohesion.”

This is how he pronounced himself during his speech at the award ceremony of the Princess of Asturias Awards, where he has also praised the values ​​that contribute to the construction of “a world in balance and fairer”.

“Only working together, for the common good of all, it is possible to face the most difficult situations and emerge victorious from them, “he reiterated from the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo.

When reviewing the biography of one of the winners, Gloria Steinem, awarded the Prize for Communication and Humanities, Felipe VI has claimed his role in the “fight for women’s rights with equality”, as one of the “commitment flags” of the American journalist.

The Royal Family at the 2021 Princess of Asturias Awards.


The King began his reading by remembering the consequences of Covid-19 and has compared the situation of a year ago, when the country suffered “not easy circumstances”, subjected to “extreme pressure and tension” due to a global pandemic “that forced us to change behaviors and attitudes in our lives, altering our way of living, working and even relating “.

In response to the effects of the disease, Felipe VI has claimed the “personal behaviors full of responsibility and solidarity” and “collective commitments full of emotion and hope.”

He also wanted to remember the situation on the Canary Island of La Palma, where, more than a month ago, the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano. As the King has said, “today, our glances are directed” to its inhabitants, to whom he has wanted to send “a very special, heartfelt and affectionate memory.”

“Many of them have seen their lives hit in such a dramatic way and with as much helplessness as sadness. Many have lost everything: their houses, their lands and crops, their animals, their memories … “.

From the Asturian capital, on behalf of the whole of Spain, the monarch took advantage of this occasion to convey to all the residents of La Palma “our solidarity and the greatest encouragement to face this situation”. “They have asked us not to forget them, and it will be so: we will not forget them.”

“So that —The monarch finished his speech—, we have to go forward with confidence, along the straight path of the values ​​and principles that enhance a society and that, year after year, our winners share and transmit to us. I firmly believe that if we do it like this, we will get it right. And no matter how difficult the challenges that come our way, we will overcome them. “

Finally, Felipe VI has stated that both Queen Letizia and him and their daughters —Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía— have “known and shared sadness and concern with all Spaniards.”

“But also,” he replied, “we have shared and felt the hope and the will to live of thousands of citizens who continue to give us all the strength to be able to express again, without fear, our feelings; to go back to that time when we could hug, shake hands and get closer, or talk and accompany our friends “.

“That look in which the paramedics tried to find the strength and the courage to move on, that encouraging look, in which the encouragement, affection and gratitude nested, must remain among us “, the King concluded his speech, before the prolonged applause of an audience standing in the Oviedo Campoamor Theater.

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