In the Madrid Assembly, the world turned upside down. For half an hour this Thursday morning, the opposition leader is not called Mónica García, nor does she belong to Más Madrid. On the contrary, the role of implacable inspector of power seems to correspond to Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Time and again, the regional president answers the opposition’s questions with her own questions, and the criticisms, with more criticism, as if she did not occupy the red seat that distinguishes the one who governs in the hemicycle. The change of roles, from supervised to supervisory, breaks with all the logic of the control session. The opposition leaves without answers, and the president with a good handful of zascas with which to feed social networks. In the middle, the PP joins the tactic: the capons are raining on the left.

“What will be the main characteristics of your Budgets?”, Starts Hana Jalloul, the PSOE spokeswoman.

“I have to ask you a question,” says Díaz Ayuso, as if the two had exchanged roles. Otegi has confessed that he has agreed to an exchange of ETA prisoners for Budgets, where the Madrilenians are the ones who are going to contribute more and receive less. Do you agree?

—Mrs. Ayuso, I love that you supervise me, instead of letting me supervise you, but I will tell you that the Prime Minister denied that yesterday.

It is not the first time that Díaz Ayuso has asked the opposition to explain national issues, instead of answering questions from the left about Madrid. From session to session, the deputies already await the next script twist, the next anecdote, the next video cut for Twitter. This Thursday, there are several representatives of the PP who take advantage of their privileged position on the bench to take out their mobile phones and record or photograph the opposition. The outstretched arm is accompanied by whispers to the companions, who respond with eyes, outraged at what they see, which must be something amazing. The tips to the presidency of the Chamber follow one another. Everyone is up to what they are: to control the opposition, instead of the opposite happening.

No one executes this strategy better than Alfonso Serrano, the conservative spokesman, who has elevated to the category of art the tradition that the leader of the group that supports the government is the one who criticizes the leader of the opposition.

“You have to have a lot of face for Podemos to ask to lower the tone after calling, and I open quotation marks, asshole to the voters of the Popular Party, and have some spokespersons who vomit tricks against the direct relatives of the president of the Community [por el caso Avalmadrid] to see if that way they get a headline ”, starts Serrano. “What it is like to have a face like reinforced concrete is that of Más Madrid and Mrs. Mónica García,” he continues. “He asks the president not to insult the same one who called him homophobic for a crime in Malasaña that did not exist, and that continues without apology,” he begins to list. “A spokeswoman who politely asks us to look at her when she speaks, but when we look at her she makes threatening gestures of shooting us, yes, cowardly hidden under arthritis,” he adds. “The same deputy who had to return 13,000 euros because she was caught illegally collecting from the Assembly gives us lessons in ethics.” And he concludes: “He recently said that the president called him a mema. I invite you to prove it, and if not, to go away. If not, it will be a triple “m”: doctor, mother and liar ”.

Mónica García, during the plenary session this Thursday.
Emilio Naranjo (EFE)

The popular bench responds with an ovation that never ends, the deputies standing up, with the honoree’s hand on the heart. Díaz Ayuso approves of what has been said: “This from my spokesperson”, Then tweeted the video of the intervention, which culminates his morning of opposition to the opposition.

It all starts with a question from Alejandra Jacinto, the deputy spokesperson for Podemos in the Madrid Assembly, and an anti-eviction activist.

“How are you going to solve Madrid’s housing problems?” Asks the politics of the left-wing party.

“With more employment in the face of job insecurity, which you always extend; with defense of private property against occupation; and with more supply, which is a problem that you, Podemos and Más Madrid, caused in the last legislature, paralyzing all developments “, replies Díaz Ayuso, arguing that all the problems that the region suffers in terms of housing have their origin in an Administration that has nothing to do with it.

“Is the Government of the Community of Madrid going to defend the 2030 agenda?” Asks Rocío Monasterio, the leader of Vox, before learning that the 2022 Budget project will be known next Wednesday, and that until then you can negotiate to put your stamp on the new public accounts.

“I do not know which Vox to keep, if with Santiago Abascal or yours,” the president of the Community snapped, pointing out alleged contradictions in the party’s speech.

The latest broadside that Díaz Ayuso launches is against García, the spokesperson for Más Madrid, who proposes a law that equalizes the rights of single-parent families with those of large ones, and asks the Executive about their plans in the matter.

“See if we defend the families that are fleeing to Madrid from where you govern,” Diaz Ayuso responds, despite the fact that Más Madrid does not govern in any other territory. “What families are you going to defend? Only those who believe they can vote for them ”. It is his last speech in plenary session. Then he leaves. One more day, everything that has happened in the Assembly has been so that nothing happened.

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