The ‘summer’ ends suddenly: the mild or anomalously high temperatures of the last days will suffer in the next few hours a sharp decline in almost all of Spain. The rains will also make an appearance, in an especially dry season in which little more than a third of the usual rain has been collected at this time of year.

The predictions of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) indicate that from Thursday there will be an “extraordinary drop” in temperatures that will not recover until next weekend and that the environment will remain dry, although it is possible that on Friday some heavy rains fall in parts of the Mediterranean area and it freezes on Saturday morning.

The trend is that the rains continue to be very scarce in practically all of Spain until the end of October, has indicated the spokesman of the Aemet, Rubén del Campo. In the next two days rainfall will be limited to points in the extreme north of the peninsula and the Mediterranean area, while the rest of the country will continue with an anticyclonic environment.

For Thursday 21, the Aemet announces “an extraordinary drop in temperatures” in the northern half of the peninsula, with maximum between 6 and 8 degrees lower than today in points in the northern half, as well as in Castilla y León and La Rioja, where the drop can be more than 10 degrees in an environment “already fully autumnal”. The rains will be limited to the north of Galicia, the Cantabrian communities and the Pyrenees, without ruling out showers on the Catalan coast and in the Balearic Islands.

The snow will make an appearance in the Pyrenees, above 1,800 meters; On the other hand, the overheated winds will cause the temperatures to rise in parts of the province of Malaga, Alicante and Murcia to exceed 30 or 32 degrees.

Heavy rain on Friday

On Friday 22 there will be clouds and rains in the north of Galicia, Cantabrian and Pyrenees, where it will snow above 1,200 or 1,500 meters. However, the passage of a trough through the Mediterranean regions will destabilize the atmosphere and cause heavy showers to occur in parts of the Balearic archipelago and in areas near the south coast of the Valencian Community, Murcia and eastern Andalusia, especially in the Almería province.

Temperatures will drop again on Friday “in an extraordinary way”, assures the Aemet spokesman, Southeastern areas affected by the rains could be up to 10 degrees cooler than the previous day, while on the opposite side of the peninsula they will begin to rise. Weak frosts in mountain areas, central and northern half, and although in the Guadalquivir the maximums will exceed 25 degrees, in most of the country they will remain between 15 and 20 degrees.

The most affected areas for the rainy episode according to will be the following:

  • South half of the Valencia Community, especially the regions of La Safor and Marina Alta.
  • Region of Murcia, especially the east of the community.
  • Almería, Jaén and Granada. The first of the provinces will have more rains.
  • Ibiza and Formentera, with accumulations of more than 50 mm of rain.
  • Sure of Mallorca, to a lesser extent.

The storm and rain warnings intense of some 20 liters per square meter accumulated in one hour during the day on Friday in Ibiza and Formentera and the north coast of Alicante and south of Valencia. Throughout the day in all these areas may exceed 50 mm of rain.

There will also be in all the areas affected by the rains a sharp drop in temperatures Friday: they will lose up to 8ºC from one day to the next in points of Mallorca, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia and Almería and the maximums will no longer exceed 22-24ºC.


Facing the weekend the anticyclonic weather will be imposed again, although on Saturday it is possible that there will be some showers in the south of the Mediterranean area, especially on the Murcia coast and in eastern Andalusia, while on Sunday a not very active front would leave weak rains in Galicia.

The skies will be slightly cloudy and it will be cold at dawn, which will propitiate frosts on Saturday in Burgos or Soria and intense in the central moorlands, where it is possible for temperatures to drop below 5 degrees below zero in towns such as Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara).

The early mornings will be warmer and the daytime temperatures will generally recover throughout the weekend; in fact on Sunday 24 the maximums will be those for the time of year or even a little higher than usual. The forecasts of the Aemet indicate that next week will start in a similar way in terms of meteorology, with an anticyclonic environment in points of the Cantabrian Sea and the Mediterranean area and dry weather in general.

As for the Canary Islands, the warm atmosphere will give way to a more autumnal time, although it is possible that this Wednesday it will still exceed 30 degrees in points on the eastern islands and to a lesser extent on the western ones. The trade winds will intensify, bringing cloud cover and light rain to the north of the more mountainous islands.

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