The Tagoror of the Salud-La Salle district held a new session last Wednesday, this time in person, in which all the items on the agenda were unanimously approved. The members proposed to unanimously urge the Cabildo de Tenerife to create other reception centers on the island both in the North and in the South, since there is currently only one and it is located on Calle Azorín.
The councilor of the Salud La Salle district, Carlos Tarife, pointed out that “it has been a very positive tagoror, that we have been able to celebrate it again in person after more than two years as a result of the restrictions due to the pandemic, in which they have approved all the points unanimously, with the consensus of all the political forces of the Santa Cruz City Council that are represented ”.

The mayor of Santa Cruz stated that they have “taken up the proposal made by the members of all the political groups that make up the City Council of the capital to launch a unanimous message from all the political forces represented in the Tagoror for the Cabildo to open centers for homeless people in the north and south of Tenerife ”.

Carlos Tarife commented that they understand “that the social burden that the Azorín street area has cannot continue to be supported exclusively, and that the Cabildo de Tenerife, once and for all, has to start drafting the projects for municipal centers of reception in the southern and northern region of the island, in order to decentralize the only reception center in Tenerife, which is currently in Santa Cruz and whose costs are borne by the chicharerros ”. Tarife added that “Santa Cruz, without a doubt, is a supportive town, but the Azorín area cannot continue to bear this situation exclusively.”


In the tagoror, held in the Urban Planning Management of the Santa Cruz City Council, it was approved to request the improvement of the park in the Cepsa neighborhood. In addition, the installation of guardrails was proposed on Buenavista street corner with Arona street, in the La Salud neighborhood. It was also agreed to continue with the action plan regarding disability and to continue undertaking the necessary works, although at the same time what has been done in this regard was valued by the members.

There will be an extraordinary tagoror in December on cleaning

Among the proposals that were also unanimously agreed is the celebration of an extraordinary tagoror next December, in which only aspects related to cleaning in the district will be addressed. At this meeting, the members will be able to make their suggestions to the representatives of the concession company, Valoriza, and to those responsible for the Public Services area. This is one of the most repeated demands by the residents of the district, among them those of the Azorín neighborhood itself, who, as well as denouncing the care burden they bear, for the same reason, demand that there be a reinforcement of cleaning in the area. surroundings of the Municipal Center of Reception, as well as in the surroundings of the premises of the association of neighbors.

Regarding accessibility demands, the head of the Salud-La Salle district, Carlos Tarife, pointed out that for some years the accessibility budget has increased considerably, specifically since that area was managed by the former councilor in that matter Carlos Correa.
However, it will continue to respond to neighborhood demands as they arise. Demands that, on many occasions, are being satisfied thanks to participatory budgets, many of whose projects are supported by improvements in accessibility.

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