Yván, the Gijón teacher disqualified for giving all his students a 10: his method without repeaters

“It is surreal.” That is the term that Yván Pozuelo choose to portray your situation. This French teacher from Gijón has been sanctioned by the Asturias Ministry of Education for eight months of disqualification, with the corresponding deprivation of salary. The reason? His peculiar way of evaluating, which includes giving a 10 to almost all his students.

“I do not penalize the error. I add the hits. If you did not advance anything in two years and I find that I have made you advance one millimeter, that millimeter is a 10. Because you did not advance anything in two years. While another will have to advance five by five meters and will also have his 10 “, explains the sanctioned professor in a telephone conversation with this newspaper. “I give tens to almost everyone, not everyone. And I hope a year will come when I put them all on, all of them. “

Yván’s problems come from afar, specifically, since he published his essay Negreros or teachers? The rebellion of 10 and gave an interview to the Asturian newspaper Trade to promote it. Since then, the rain of tripping has been constant by the Administration.

22 months of struggle

Yván taught at the IES Labor University until August of this year. It was there that this commotion began that brings him upside down. “One day an inspector came in with the class started and without prior notice. He spent three hours with me from class to class, he did not explain why, ”he says. “For 15 days they asked the management for papers without telling me anything. There was an interrogation without telling me what the motives were and they ask me to retract what the press had published ”.

“Who has reported me? Why don’t you tell me? “asks the teacher. “I have not known who has reported me for 22 months. And all this for having published a book and having done an interview in the local press ”. Yván requested a transfer this year and it was granted. He currently teaches French at the Integrated Vocational Training Center of the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Gijón waiting for the sanction to take effect.

“They thought I was the typical teacher crazy that I was late, I did not go to class, I got on badly with my classmates, I did not heed the orders of the management… ”. The inspection found the opposite. Yván has been a French teacher for two decades and is Doctor in History.
His methods, it must be said, are not the most common in Spanish classrooms. “I perfectly understand that people disagree or do not understand it, because we are used to what we have experienced as students.”

The IES Universidad Laboral, where Yván taught until this summer.

“We understand that there are five different, six different, but not 10. There is only one type of 10. No, there are many types of tens. I’m adding everything up and I don’t do qualifying exams. Because we are in compulsory education, because it is two hours a week and because there are 30 students in a classroom. In short, I am not going to suspend or penalize a student for the budget shortage of our system. So clear”.

Yván’s method, although he assures that it is not – far from it his, it could be summed up in a positive education, away from that inquisitive red pen that highlights everything that the student does wrong and nothing that he does well in an exam. “It seems that the note is the guillotine. No no no. The note does not serve as a guillotine ”.

“It seems to me that we frustrate, crush and lose the best professionals and people because we clip their wings just as they are developing them. Yes, I am convinced ”. And about this, the interviewee is the one to speak: “I am an evaluator of ESO, Baccalaureate, university levels, scientific journals … then, evaluation, precisely, I know something”.

“We should promote what is correct, even if it is very little. If it is very little in a person who had not hit anything before, that is a lot. I thought that that was the law, that they were the scientific recommendations on the matter in a public education for all and for all, without leaving anyone behind in the gutter. I thought that, but I realized that this is only to fool myself and other teachers. “

Have parents never complained?

Never. And when I say never, it’s not like there were one or two in a classroom that… No. Never.

2,500 file pages

The file that sanctions Yván covers a whopping 2,500 pages. “There are murderers with fewer pages in court,” he says. “Let’s suppose that the inspection service is right: that I do a paripe and that all my notes are false and undeserved. Still, eight months without a job and salary? Pauses for several seconds. “There are cases of real crimes in which the same inspectors who sanctioned me have been very benevolent. Here’s something weird”.

Facade of the Comprehensive Vocational Training Center of the Gijón School of Hospitality and Tourism.

Facade of the Comprehensive Vocational Training Center of the Gijón School of Hospitality and Tourism.

The teacher is now immersed in appealing this sanction. At first, the Ministry of Education threatened him with 30 years of disqualification. “This is unfortunate,” insists Yván helplessly. If nothing changes, you will spend eight months without your livelihood and without doing what you are passionate about. “It could be in a month or a month and a half. Now there is a deadline for some resources that my lawyers are preparing. By the way, I was lucky with the lawyers. They’re cheering me on and saving all of this”.

Your legal team is not your only emotional support. “I am lucky to have a battalion of teachers, friends, historians, university students, parents and students who are defending me from the first second. That is why I did not collapse, I did not ask for leave and I continued teaching, despite the vigilance and bad faith of some ”.

On the other hand, “there is something positive,” he has sarcasm. “No political and union force has taken my side. Here the right and the left all seem satisfied. It catches my attention because they usually talk about everything. They are specialists in everything, in masters and doctorates… ”.

—If you finally have to serve the sanction and you pass it, will you continue teaching in the same way when you return?

Yván laughs several times on the other end of the phone.

-Yes. It works for me.

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