VOX cooking show: “The perfect dinner”: With Hendrik, a familiar face returns

Reunion in Witten: On the third day of the Ruhrpottwoche, Hendrik, a familiar face, returns to “The Perfect Dinner”. And it gets chaotic: the starter cheese accidentally ends up in the dessert!

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  • “The perfect dinner” is a cooking show in which five amateur cooks from a city or region compete against each other.
  • The show runs Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. on Vox
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“The perfect dinner”: – Day 3 (13.10.2021)

Wiebke, 41 years old: motto “Datt best of the family”

  • Starter: Ravioli with fresh goat cheese and Parmesan foam
  • Main course: Saddle of venison with fries Williams, elderberry pear, jus, Romanesco
  • Dessert: strawberry tiramisu and strawberry praline

Chaos in Witten: Appetizer cheese ends up in the dessert!

Reunion in Witten: On the third day of the Ruhrpottwoche, Hendrik, a familiar face, returns to “The Perfect Dinner”. He already cooked a guest round in 2017 – this time, however, he is only used as a dishwashing assistant and chopping aid for his wife Wiebke. “If she was first, I would be a little offended,” admits Hendrik. She has made a lot of plans: “I thought that what my husband can do, I can too.”

In addition, “Wibbl” (a nickname from childhood) admits to be quite “fidgety”. Competitor Sebastian gives the hobby cook a similar testimony. “I think Wiebke as a person is a bit of a controlled chaos,” he predicts in advance – and he should be right.

Even when preparing her menu, Wiebke is at a loss in front of the fridge: “Can you tell me where the ricotta is?” Then the cook comes to the worst realization: The cheese – actually planned for the starter – has ended up in the strawberry tiramisu: “I’ve sold out! I’m improvising now. ”Wiebke’s series of breakdowns continues with the starter ravioli. “Let’s try to save her,” she evacuates the pasta stuck to the wooden board.

The palate is burnt on potato pears that are “hot as a grenade”

When greeting her guests a few hours later, Wiebke is still “a bit distracted” (Sebastian), Michael states a “certain basic nervousness”. After all: the starter – ravioli on Parmesan foam – Wiebke confidently brings the stage.

Then the art-loving 41-year-old has a surprise ready for her guests: “Now I have an assassination attempt on you. You are welcome to paint yourself. ”At first the idea caused little enthusiasm“ What if you can’t paint at all? Then it will be fun, ”fears Christina. But then Michael takes the initiative and paints caricatures of all the guests on the canvas, which Sebastian says: “Nice souvenir!”

When it comes to eating, however, the group holds back elegantly with praise. “My meat was lukewarm,” complains Melanie about the saddle of venison on the main course. Sebastian criticizes: “The Romanesco was over.” And Christina burns her palate on the “hot potato” pears.

So the “perfect dinner” will not work, and Melanie admitted that the menu had “absolute winning potential” in advance. The end of the song are 29 points for Wiebke, with which she is currently in second place.

Day 2 of the Ruhrpott Week: “Piano-Man” Michael brings his guests to indulge

Michael, 61 years:

  • Starter: Tuna tartare on wasabi mayonnaise with cucumber and crops
  • Hauptspeise: Pulled Boar „Texas Style“
  • Dessert: Hot chocolate cake from the grill on cold ice

12th of October: Well, what got into the computer scientist Michael, who says he is introverted? With courageous declarations of war like “Today I’ll knock you out”, the 61-year-old leans far out of the window in front of his Tuesday menu at “The perfect dinner”.

Michael doesn’t bring the secret highlight of the evening to the plate, but to the keys. “Oh no, I don’t want to,” the amateur pianist complains at first. But Wiebke persists: “You can’t avoid it!” Hardly at the piano, Beatles fan Michael is in his element and makes the ladies sway and indulge in Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”. “It was a really nice moment,” praised Melanie. “Playing the piano was great.”

Burger fan Michael leaves nothing to be desired with “very tender” meat

Softly on the piano, wildly on the grill: Michael serves a burger with pulled boar “Texas Style” as the main course. The grill fan predicts full-bodied: “Nobody can beat a wild boar.” The leg is on the grill for several hours, including the smoker pellets, so Michael leaves nothing to chance. But are his burgers, including homemade rolls, enough for a great taste experience?

“Very tender,” says Wiebke about the meat, Melanie follows: “Spicy.” Michael admits one downer, however, frankly: “It’s just too cold, I’m sorry.” Cooking point and marinade cause Sebastian to rave about: “I couldn’t have wished for better.”

In the starter and dessert, however, there are also a few points of criticism mixed up to the enthusiasm for the burger. “He was very busy with himself,” Melanie also sees some catching up to do in Michael’s host qualities. This is also made clear by the points awarded: With 28 points, Michael is clearly behind his predecessor Sebastian (34).

The perfect dinner

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Day 1 of the Ruhrpottwoche: Hobby chef desperate for “personal boss”

Sebastian, 38 years:

  • Starter: salmon / gin / wild herbs / orange / wasabi
  • Main course: lamb / pasta / date / radicchio
  • Dessert: almond / white chocolate / lemon-thyme / strawberry

October 11th: The Ruhrpottwoche kicked off with “The Perfect Dinner” (VOX): Marketing and event manager Sebastian was allowed to be the first to play this week – and immediately after welcoming the camera team, he admits: “I’m a little nervous and have slept a little.”

The 38-year-old is already confronted with the first pitfalls when preparing his menu, more precisely when choosing the eggs for his sorbet. Brown, white and even green specimens are contained in the box that the cook picked up from a “farmer friend” with chickens of “different species”.

But when the off-screen voice wants the green eggs, Sebastian is faced with a problem: “You have to help me out, which ones are the green ones because I have a color weakness.” Sebastian also has to use a trick to cook his lamb fillet for the main course so that it turns pink: the “consistency and pressure test”.

Speaking of the main course: Sebastian is waiting for the biggest test of his menu – or his “personal boss”, as the host announces with meaningfulness: fresh pasta. The 38-year-old admits that it “went a little wrong” during the trial cooking for friends and wife. “I didn’t have a pasta machine on hand at the time.” Instead, his wine bottle served as a rolling pin.

“Very nice evening” despite the pasta faux pas

With foresight, Sebastian got himself a pasta machine for his menu. But even assembling the pasta machine on his kitchen worktop presents Sebastian with surprisingly big problems. “Why doesn’t she want to?” The hobby cook desperately tries to find a screw. “Damn ax, it doesn’t exist!” A little later he gives up: “It won’t work!”

The guests don’t notice anything of the manual mishap behind the scenes. Despite the shaky affair, Sebastian puts the main course on the plate. Wiebke raves directly: “That looks very nice!” The first taste test was also successful: Michael praised the jus and meat.

The conclusion with the pasta is more mixed: Sebastian admits that he is not entirely satisfied with the pasta himself, and Christina criticizes: “The pasta could have been thinner for me.” The unanimous conclusion among the guests: Sebastian’s pasta skills can still be improved. Nevertheless: At the end of the “very nice evening” (Wiebke) there are 34 points for Sebastian.

That was the sustainability theme week for “The Perfect Dinner”

8th October: One could have guessed it. The fact that a sustainability theme week at “The Perfect Dinner” would turn out to be a bit top-heavy – it wasn’t a real surprise. In the popular VOX series, there was rarely a chance of thinking outside the box. One of them calculated the low water consumption of his menu to the nearest liter – the next one gave ecologically conscious household tips. “It’s not that I stink or something …” said Thursday host Fiona (29). “But you can also hang out a T-shirt and put it on again and not just throw it in the wash.”

However, the only meat fan of the group shot the bird in the theme week. On Monday, spice sommelier Ralf (46) reprimanded fashion designer Barbara (30) for using the wrong type of cinnamon. On Tuesday he almost knocked the tonka bean out of the hand of Phoebe (25) sustainability researcher during her kitchen round: “You, I would say it’s enough! But it’s your dish …”

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