Vacation on the North Sea: what spreads here becomes a danger! “We’ll never get them out”

Sylt: five surprising facts about the island

Sylt: five surprising facts about the island

Sylt is one of the most popular travel destinations in Germany. We have gathered five surprising facts about the island.

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Danger on a popular North Sea-Island! What is spreading there could still become a significant problem.

Maybe it’s yours with you Vacation on the North Sea already noticed. It’s sprouting everywhere here, warns our partner portal MOIN.DE.

Vacation on the North Sea: YOU will be a big problem

You can find it everywhere on the North Sea island of Sylt: the cranberry. Although the natural home of the heather family is in the high moors of North America, it has been spreading on the German island for years. And slowly it threatens to displace other native plants, such as the sundew or the cranberry.


This is Sylt:

  • Sylt is the largest North Frisian island and is located in the North Sea
  • After Rügen, Usedom and Fehmarn, Sylt is the fourth largest island in Germany
  • The island of Sylt is best known for its health resorts Westerland, Kampen, Wenningstedt and the approx. 40 km long sandy beach in the west
  • Numerous areas on and around Sylt are designated as protected areas. There are ten nature reserves on the island alone
  • Tourism has been of considerable importance on Sylt for over 100 years since Westerland became a seaside resort (health resort) in 1855


The Sylt dunes are already overgrown with the vegetation. This is becoming a real problem here. Therefore, the residents now want to take action against the wild growth, but that is not that easy. “We can never get them out of this dune valley, that is simply not feasible by hand,” says the Wadden Sea Protection Station.


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She wants to tackle the removal of the cranberry roots with the help of a project. You can find out how this works and which steps the shelter is planning on our partner portal MOIN. (mbo)

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