To enjoy: foresee weeks of good strawberries and at a low price?

The geography, the climate and the fruit market seem to give a spring to the palate and the wallet with the strawberry, a product that usually goes to the “prohibitive” column, but these days it can drop to less than half the usual price.

As of the first days of this month, the particular red of one of the tastiest fruits in the gondolas that is also produced in the Region began to advance in the greengrocers of the City. That appears as one of the key factors in the drop in prices that benefits customers these days, according to what they told this newspaper in several greengrocers.

The production grows thanks to the sun and the humidity of spring. So much so that it seems to be overflowing with commerce and it can even be seen in exhibits at the corners of some access arteries to the old town.

Why more than other years and even weeks earlier than usual each spring? In the tour that this newspaper made through various businesses, they coincide in pointing to the weather as a determining factor.

“Although the winter was with low temperature records, there were no raw frosts that affected the crop. The fair rainfall and the sun that has been accompanying since August helped, ”said a greengrocer who, in turn, has farms in Abasto.

“Since the good strawberry began to enter, customers perceive it and each one takes advantage and takes a good handful,” said Martín, an employee of a local in the vicinity of 8 and 33.

The same merchant added: “Not only does it come from this region but it still continues to come from the interior, with the same quality,” he said.

“The red tide” won’t be over in minutes. In the greengrocers they marked variations in the extension, that go from a month until arriving at the torrid days that are expected for January.


As required by law, supply and demand drive the price variation.

This week, in several greengrocers in the City you can get from one kilo to 350 pesos up to two kilos for the same price.

In all cases, the offer is half or less than what it can cost in the off-season.

In those days, the five-kilo boxes that are bought in the Regional Market can travel from the north of Santa Fe or Tucumán. This year the drawer was around 2,000 pesos.

Now, the greengrocers have said that it can go down to half the price, depending on the day.

The price is lowered by the increase in supply from those provinces and, in a definite blow, the entry into the commercial circuit of local production, in the fruti, horticultural flori cord.

With the end of spring, there will be a drop in production and an increase in prices, it was calculated yesterday.

María, a greengrocer from the downtown area, hopes that nothing resembles what happened “last year, when no strawberry directly entered”, as a result of a harmful combination produced by the weather and restrictions due to the effect of the pandemic.

“Likewise, there is a part of the year in which there is not directly from nowhere”, clarified the merchant.


Some clients and clients preferred yesterday to carry less than the offer for two kilos that was advertised on the black boards. “They get ugly fast,” said a neighbor in the north. “Ideally, take them out of the bag, give them a good rinse and put it on a plate or tray in the refrigerator. That way, for at least three or four days they keep well.

Of course, if one is bitten or sprouts, it is inevitably transmitted to the rest, “said one of the greengrocers consulted.

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