“That’s awesome!”: Goosebumps moment in “Den of the Lions”: Sausage seller leaves investors speechless

Standing ovations in the “Den of the Lions”. In the Vox show, the five investors admire a man who did not let himself get down even in the corona low. Marco Peters is a quiet hero – and an authentic Ruhrpott guy. And you will hear a lot more about his tasty curry sausages in the future.

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Goosebumps feeling in the lion’s cave: Aimiaz Habtu, presenter of the VOX show, summed up one of the great highlights of the successful series, which is not poor in emotional roller coaster rides.

“You have not only got the lions right now, you have moved all of Germany,” he said to a man who is usually not in the limelight.

Normally, Marco Peters’ place would not be in front of cameras. If the world were still the place it was a little over a year and a half ago, the 49-year-old would stand on board his food truck and bring his heart project to the people at festivals and major events: currywurst.

Sympathetic sausage seller at the VOX show “Den of the Lions”: “Giving up is not an option”

Marco Peters and his family’s creations are an insider tip, and long queues regularly formed in front of his snack vehicle. His development was recognized as “Best Currywurst in North Rhine-Westphalia”.

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His recipe for success: Peters only uses high quality pork that he sources from the local butcher. He also demonstrates a great deal of skill with imaginative sauces – for example his specialty “strawberry curry sauce” or the variant “pumpkin and mango sauce”.

In any case, the sausages sold themselves. But then Corona came across the country. One event after another was canceled.

Marco Peters lost 250 events in one fell swoop: “That pulled the rug out from under our feet,” he said on the VOX broadcast. Then he added what excited all “Lions”: “As a self-employed person, giving up is not an option.”

“Just a currywurst for you – existence for us”

In fact, Marco Peters had a brilliant idea. And his small company “Eat WURSCHT” was born – out of necessity. He managed to get currywurst magic into the glass and sell it for household use.

“With the beginning of the pandemic, we lost almost 100 percent of our income,” he explained in the course of his presentation – tears almost came to his eyes.

“We have not been able to stand at an event with our food truck for well over a year. This was no longer a condition for us. We had to change something and put everything on one card or on this glass”, Marco Peters explained to the group of investors. “For you maybe just a currywurst in a glass, for us the existence we are currently fighting for.”

Glagau overwhelmed: “The hammer!”

It was a message that got through. Also because all “big cats” enjoyed the sausage tasting in the glass.

“Very tasty,” said Nils Glagau spontaneously. “The sauce is awesome,” said Judith Williams. “Strawberry is amazing,” she said of the idiosyncratic, but all-round convincing special sauce.

“Marco, you are a blast,” she praised the tall man, who suddenly looked deeply touched. “You don’t believe how I’m crazy here,” said the entrepreneur, delighted.

The lion’s den

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New record in the “den of the lions”

Apparently there was a perseverance type here, like the one that the Ruhr region produces again and again. “A bright guy with an honest product and a smile on his face”, Marco Peters described himself.

That he had completely stopped laughing in the meantime because of the Corona horror – almost forgotten again! There wasn’t much to haggle, also because his offer was unprecedentedly “honest”.

Marco Peters offered just 49,000 euros for the fabulous 49 percent stake in the company – a new record in the “Den of Lions”. And of course it met with an enthusiastic response. His canned sausage is already selling well.

Via a befriended supermarket dealer, a test batch landed on the shelves shortly before Christmas and was allegedly sold out in 90 minutes. Now the Peters needed logistical help to make their “Knaller” really big and to launch it all over Germany.

It could almost only come down to one investor: trade expert Ralf Dümmel. It no longer held him in the chair. Dümmel stormed forward with an outstretched hand and surprised Marco Peters with cordiality. “I would love to be your partner.” Of course, the “Eat WURSCHT” founder agreed.

Maschmeyer rebukes Dümmel: “You shouldn’t really assume that”

“You have moved us all here,” said Georg Kofler and at short notice switched to Duzen, which was much better suited to Marco Peters. “You have just become a huge role model for many.” And then something happens that has never happened before in the “Den of the Lions”: All major investors stood up and applauded enthusiastically while standing.

“I’m crying,” Marco Peters could only stammer backstage. An almost kitschy happy ending.

However, Carsten Maschmeyer looked through the upsurges of emotions with the necessary sharpness.

“More than fair,” he said of the deal proposal that Marco Peters had carried into the “cave”. Yes, actually, almost not just fair: giving up 49 percent is pretty crazy. “You shouldn’t really assume that,” says Maschmeyer. Ralf Dümmel had no qualms. Now he can look forward to great business.

Big euphoria again – but no deal

It should be noted that a little later in the same show there was another great euphoria. Then namely when the equally sympathetic, pleasantly grounded Swiss founding trio Thomas Gemperle, Pascal Buholzer and Bernhard Winter from Winterthur presented the product Scewo BRO, a stair-climbing electric wheelchair, to the lions.

However: The “Scewo” founders wanted to get a whopping five million euros from the Löwen for just a ten percent stake.

That was a chunk that even Carsten Maschmeyer – after long deliberation and a previously completely unusual telephone call with his Munich co-partner – did not want to swallow. Nevertheless: the Swiss will make their way. Just like the Duisburg sausage!

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