This car catcher police network is the terror of thieves and fugitives (video)

In just three years since being operational, the Grappler Police Bumper has already arrested 170 runaways. If he catches it, he no longer escapes …

The runaway car police chases They are a classic of Hollywood movies, but they have a real basis: dozens are produced every day in the United States.

In many cases end in multiple accident that causes injuries, and even the death of innocents, or of the police themselves.

Grappler Police Bumper is a never-failing police car trap network. Here you can see how it works:

As we see in the video, it must be installed in the police car a structure shaped like a bull’s head.

Not only does it serve to deploy the hook, but it is also used to fasten the cable that will help to stop the vehicle on the run.

The only handicap is that for the Grappler Police Bumper to work, you have to practically stick to the offending vehicle. If you start to do those or it is faster, the car hook loses almost all its effectiveness.

When the net-like structure gets close to one of the wheels, gets tangled up in it and breaks free from the police car, releasing a cable that allows to catch the escape and it also helps to slow you down.

As the video shows the wheel is completely locked, so the cable is not necessary: ​​the driver will have no choice but to brake if he does not want to crash.

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Its inventor, Leonard Stock, has on his website how did you come up with the idea.

Like a good intrigue movie Leonard was watching a police chase television show that featured various tragic endings of injured innocent motorists.

He fell asleep that night with the images running through his mind. Although I did not plan to find a solution to the problem, suddenly woke up in the middle of the night with the idea of ​​the Grappler.

A week after that initial thought, Leonard welded a contraption to the front of his truck and convinced his wife Frances to drive the getaway car … the family’s Suburban.

They found a desolate dirt road in the desert to test the idea and that day the concept was proven.

Network car catcher It is already used by several police departments and government agencies in the United States, and until the month of September had already caught 170 escaped vehicles. An impressive record.

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