They arrest a couple who used to bother the neighborhood from their car and the scene goes viral on TikTok

The case of an American neighborhood that has reached the limit of its patience is traveling the networks, above all, for its “satisfactory” ending: a couple dedicated themselves to disturb a housing estate, until those affected decided to end and They called the police. The arrest ended in style and it is not surprising that the neighbors decided settle in to enjoy the show.

After several altercations and continuous interruptions to the tranquility of a neighborhood in the United States, the tiktoker Jessikadyke chose to call the police and the couple responsible were immediately fined. Nevertheless, they threw their fine to the ground just as the police were leaving and this of course further angered the agents.

“Charges: assault on an agent, reckless conduct, resistance to arrest. The husband: misconduct, resistance to arrest “, clarified Jessika in the title of the clip, which exceeds 24 thousand reproductions.

The neighbors, for their part, were most satisfied with the scene, as entertaining as any movie they could see at home: sitting in their chairs, they watched the whole show. Something that could be typical of a chapter of There is no one living here, but in American version.

“I like how you can hear someone offering a watermelon in the background “A user comments about this funny neighborhood reaction. Meanwhile, the police car chase and the subsequent arrest.

The couple, who were violently resisting, finally was taken by the agents and the neighbors, with all the humor possible, said goodbye to the scandalous couple at the foot of the road. “Bye, Felycia“, has joked another user.” I adore happy endings “, have commented several.

“They began to disturb the neighborhood, they have a history of riots in the city and with the local police “, they clarified in the comments section before the doubts of several. In addition, Jessika herself has added that this couple received a fine in January of is 2021.

The popular tiktok has been reported on several occasions, to which the author has added that “the Karens they are very bitter people “. Despite this, the video continues to be published and received visits.

And it is being so viral that the tiktoker keep posting updates about this couple of Karens and their inappropriate conduct: despite the initial arrest, they continue to disturb the peace of the neighbors and recording the houses of its residents.

Controversy after controversy, the police tend to come often and the fines do not take long to reach their hands. Something so common in this neighborhood, that they have finished celebrating regular parties to get together and eat together, inviting, of course, to the police officer.

At the moment, the city police is opening an investigation into the case and the couple’s fines continue to accumulate, one after another, until the definitive “happy ending” is finally reached, allowing the neighborhood to rest in peace.

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