The victims of The Night of the Blackout, illustrious citizens

Relatives of disappeared detainees and survivors of the “Night of the Blackout” and other crimes against humanity committed in the Libertador General San Martín people of Jujuy during the last military dictatorship were declared illustrious citizens by the local deliberative council for his “fight for memory, truth and justice and against the impunity of the boardfrom Ingenio Ledesma, headed by businessman Pedro Blaquier. “It is important above all because happens when Blaquier is again on the edge of being tried for these facts“, he pointed Ricardo Aredez, one of the honorees.

His father, Luis Arédez, was mayor of the city of Libertador General San Martín and was kidnapped on March 24, 1976, while the coup was being born at the national level and everything was turning dark. They took him away in a sugar company van, one of the many that was used months later, the week of July 20 of that year, to “lift” about 400 people in the shadows of those nights. For 7 days there was no power in Libertador General San Martín and the nearby towns of Calilegua and El Talar. Most of those kidnapped were sugar mill workers. Dozens are still missing. Arédez was transferred to La Plata and from there released, but returned to Jujuy, where a year later he was kidnapped again. He was never heard from.

“For the people who live in Libertador General San Martín, drowned under the pressure and impunity of Ledesma, this recognition is very important, it is like opening a window for air to enter,” added Aredez, a day after receiving the diploma. As an illustrious citizen of the town where his father worked and his mother fought, Olga Arédez, initiator of the claim for memory, truth and justice, circling the local square.

The recognition as illustrious citizens of Libertador General San Martín granted to Arédez and Marta Reales, relatives of disappeared detainees from the town, and to the former disappeared detainees and political prisoners of the Night of the Blackout Ernesto Saman, Francisco Jara Sánchez, Dardo Morales, Miguel Farías, Hilda Figueroa, Mario Nuñez and Mariano Leyton are part of the initiative of the PTS-FIT councilors, Miguel López and Luis Guerra, who presented an ordinance in this regard last year.

The provincial deputies of the space Alejandro Vilca and Natalia Morales participated in yesterday’s ceremony, who defined it as a “historical fact” that “makes the fight for memory, truth and justice and against the impunity that the directory continues to have. of the company Ledesma and Pedro Blaquier. From the street we continue demanding a common jail for him and the rest, “he said in statements to this newspaper. In addition, he denounced the “enormous complicity of the governments of the day” in Jujuy that “continue to guarantee the impunity of the board and govern in their favor.”

In this sense, he stressed that the idea of ​​highlighting relatives and victims of State terrorism in San Martín has come from councilors. The FIT project was approved at the end of 2020 with the votes of the Frente de Todos Romina Morales, Ariel Sanconte and Patricia Gutiérrez. The ruling radical bloc abstained from voting on the project and was absent from the tribute ceremony on Wednesday.

“We demand that the ruling party explain why it abstained from voting on this mention, and why they are not here today,” said Hilda Figueroa, a statement collected by the Izquierda Diario.

Arédez, meanwhile, remarked that the public expression of the deliberative Council of Libertador General San Martín in recognition of victims and relatives of victims of State terrorism “is like opening a window for the air to enter this town where the interference of the company, because it is the only source of work and the owner of everything. That the Council recognizes us implies that politics recognizes us, a very brave act, we must not forget it, “he said.

Francisco Jara Sánchez, who was kidnapped on August 1, 76 when he was a high school student, was not detained, he took the distinction of illustrious citizen as “a new incentive to continue in the fight” for memory, truth “and above all justice “with which, he says, he has been” committed for many years, since Dr. Arédez began with brands in the central square. ” “Now Blaquier needs to finally give explanations and we are going to get it, they are not going to intimidate us,” he remarked.

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