Papa Francisco

Under the 57th IDEA Colloquium, the Pope Francisco had the opportunity to speak at the most important economic event in the country. One of his sayings plus controversial What he did was “you can’t live on subsidies”, claiming that a good part of the population prefers to live off plans rather than work. Given this, the leftist leader Gabriel Solano confronted to the head of the Catholic Church.

The president of the Partido Obrero (PO), a political group that is part of the Frente de Izquierda y de los Trabajadores (FIT), went to the intersection via Twitter. There, Gabriel Solano He pointed out the contradiction in which the Supreme Pontiff got himself, since both the Church and the ecclesiastical community receive millions of dollars, from the national states, to sustain themselves.

Dad says you can’t live on subsidies. Very well. Let him set an example and renounce the millionaire subsidies that the State Church receives”, Said the leader. Some of the users, although they do not agree with his ideology, agreed with his request. According to official sources, although the Pope himself does not receive any salary, he has $ 10 million only in the treasures of the Vatican.

Currently, in Argentina there are three laws that sanction the subsidy for the maintenance of Catholic worship. First of all, the Law No. 22,160 establishes that “The National Executive Power be empowered to grant parish priests or economic vicars of parishes located in Border Zones, determined in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 18,575 […[ una asignación mensual […] equivalent to the one corresponding to category 16 of the Civil Personnel Ladder of the National Public Administration ”.

Meanwhile, the Law No. 21,950 establishes that “the archbishops and bishops with jurisdiction over archdioceses, dioceses, prelatures, eparchies and exarchates of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Cult will enjoy a monthly allowance equivalent to 80% of the remuneration set for the position of National Judge of First Instance, until they cease in said positions ”. Finally, the Law No. 22,950 It benefits seminarians who are studying.

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