"The organ is sobbing."  Divorce, parting with brides and the main loss of Nikolai Baskov

Perhaps the catch is that the golden voice of Russia is a great romantic and is waiting for true love. “I could follow the fashion trends and have children at any time, give birth, as they say, for myself. But I grew up in a full-fledged family and really want my children to grow up in the love of two parents. This is my main desire, “Nikolai Baskov admitted.

What prevented the singer’s plans? With whom did he try to build a serious relationship and why did he fail? On October 15, the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation turns 45, and we tell how success in his career influenced the personal life of a star.

Good example

Nikolai was born in Balashikha, but he went to school in Germany: his dad was transferred to work in Dresden. The singer was always proud of his father: Viktor Baskov graduated from the Academy of the General Staff, served in the General Staff with the rank of colonel as a general, and later decided to move to the Accounts Chamber.

The artist treated his mother with no less respect and tenderness. A mathematician by education, in the GDR, Elena Nikolaevna worked as an announcer on television. At the suggestion of the Basque parent, he began to study musical notation and study music, which subsequently led to incredible results.

The young man finished music school already in Novosibirsk, after which the family moved to Moscow. The first resounding success awaited Baskov as a teenager.

“When I was 12 years old, I went on tour to Paris with the Fedorov Children’s Musical Theater and there for the first time in my life I saw a live Madonna concert – with lasers, with unimaginable special effects … Madonna was my favorite performer. Probably, it was then that I decided that I would become a singer and I would also have a great show, ”the artist recalled.

Baskov received an excellent education: he studied at Gnesinka and took academic vocal lessons from Liliana Shekhova. As a student, he won Russian and European competitions, at the end of the 90s became the youngest performer of Lensky’s aria in the history of world opera, and then received the Ovation award in the Golden Voice of Russia nomination. And this turned out to be only the beginning …

Experimenting with styles

When a video for the song “In Memory of Caruso” appeared in 2000, popularity fell on Baskov. His work went beyond the academic halls, Montserrat Caballe herself met with Nikolai on the Ice Stage of St. Petersburg and became his mentor, involuntarily replacing Shekhova in this position.

Nikolai’s productivity went off scale: he managed to work at the Bolshoi Theater, completed his postgraduate studies at the conservatory and defended his dissertation, went on foreign tours and popularized the classical crossover genre in Russia. So, the hits “Forces of Heaven” and “Sharmanka” were loved by both fans of academic vocals and fans of pop music.

Over the years, Nikolai’s ability to keep up with the times and combine various genres has reached a new level. The artist sang a duet with Valeria, Taisia ​​Povaliy, Natalie, “Disco Avaria”. The collaboration with Philip Kirkorov became especially scandalous: the clip of Alexander Gudkov for the track “Ibiza” turned out to be too provocative. However, the video hit YouTube trends.

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Baskov went even further when he performed the hit “Wildly Tusim” in a duet with Dania Milokhin. Many people liked the positive song with a reference to the Golden Chalice advertisement, but critic Sergei Sosedov concluded that Nikolai had chosen the song not for his age.

“Dana Milokhin can be – he’s fresh, sweet, doesn’t pretend to be anything. He does not need anything, there is nothing behind him – he can fool around, have fun. But when Baskov is already in his 50s, and he is trying to jump with a young boy, it looks tasteless and bad, “Neighbors said on the air of the Empathy Manuchi YouTube show.

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However, Sergey has recently been constantly criticizing folk artists, but this does not in any way affect the number of their fans. Viewers enthusiastically accept Baskov’s new albums and singles, watch TV shows in which the idol participates, and of course, closely follow the news from his personal life.

“You broke my heart”

Nikolai Baskov married only once – to the daughter of producer Boris Shpigel Svetlana. Five years later, the couple had a son, Bronislav, in whom the Basque doted. “He looks like a mommy,” Nikolai shared his first impressions. – And in a voice to dad – the doctors said so! They realized this as soon as my son uttered the first cry. Eh, now all that remains is to build a house. “

The family fairy tale collapsed at the end of 2007: at first Svetlana let the journalists know that she invited Nikolai to live separately, as she was tired of rushing around the world with suitcases after him, and then information surfaced about the upcoming divorce of the couple. It was rumored that the situation was strongly influenced by the older generation, and it was Boris Spiegel who separated Baskov from the child. The artist behaved very tactfully: he said that he did not harbor hatred for his father-in-law, that he was grateful to Sveta for the years lived together and would do everything not to injure his son who was caught between two fires.

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Svetlana soon married businessman Vyacheslav Sobolev and gave birth to his daughter Nina. This marriage also did not work out, and the woman left with her two children to Israel. Basque rarely commented on the situation and only repeated: time will put everything in its place, hinting that with age, the heir will be able to take a step towards his father.

Star novels

In 2008, rumors spread about Baskov’s imminent wedding with personal make-up artist Anastasia, but the gossip was not confirmed. A year later, the whole country was already following the singer’s romance with TV presenter Oksana Fedorova: on New Wave in Jurmala, the stars did not hide tender feelings for each other. The relationship ended in the spring of 2011, unexpectedly not only for the fans, but also for the acquaintances of the couple.

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“There were many reasons for our parting,” Nikolai confessed with StarHit. – One of them is that we imagined our future in different ways. Oksana is 33 years old, of course she already dreamed of having children, living in a legal marriage, getting married. And I’m not ready for this yet. None of us wanted to give in on this issue. “

The next beloved singer was Anastasia Volochkova. According to Baskov, he drew attention to the ballerina back in the mid-90s, when both ended up in the United States. The youthful story was interrupted after one unforgettable walk in New York, but in 2013 the romance that broke out was enveloped in a veil of scandal: spicy pictures of a nude couple from a vacation in the Maldives are still walking on the Web. Nevertheless, the haters are sure that the relationship between the dancer and the artist was just a PR move.

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“I don’t know who filmed us in secret, but we had a great week. We really loved each other. I have never had such a rest in my life. We still meet with Kolya and remember that time. I had an affair with Nikolai Baskov, there was, no matter what they say, “- said the ballerina in the” Evening Show “on” Russian Radio “.

At the birthday party of Dima Bilan, Nikolai met the singer Sophie Kalcheva. For the next four years, the lovers lived and worked together, although the first point was complicated by Baskov’s constant tours. “In family life, you have to give in, Nikolai and I felt each other very subtly, but we are two leaders, and when we were together, it was like the state of an exploded bomb. Nikolai suggested that I marry him – and more than once, but knowing my difficult character, I did not dare, but we remained on friendly terms, “Kalcheva explained years later.

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In 2017, during a gala dinner in Grozny, Nikolai surprised the audience by announcing an imminent wedding with Victoria Lopyreva. The model and the singer parted just as unexpectedly as they started a relationship. Since then, Basque has not been scattered with loud words, and in general has not spread about his beloved.

“Love is immortal”

The artist did not hide the fact that he was continuing to look for “that one” and was going to part with the status of a bachelor after 40. These ideas faded into the background in light of the family tragedy: in June 2019, Nikolai’s beloved dad died.

“He was very seriously ill, now I can tell about it. Dad had brain cancer, and he went very hard. At work, I tried to keep my face, to be positive, but it was not easy for me. Because every month some tests came, my dad was slowly fading away. And there were moments when dad no longer recognized me and mom. Of course, I carried the pain in myself, I did not devote others to my misfortune. My father left, but this pain remained with me … Perhaps that is why I had not yet had time to start a family by the age of 45, ”concluded the artist.

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The singer expressed his emotions in the song “Love is Immortal”, dedicated to the touching story of his parents. Mom and Dad still remain for the vocalist an example of an ideal couple who have lived in harmony for over 40 years. But although Basque dreams of finding a second half, he does not feel lonely, since he is constantly on the move and, moreover, is building a country house. “Maybe when I celebrate the housewarming, there will already be a wife next to me, with whom I will live happily ever after. And my plans, of course, are to start a family and have children, ”Nikolai summed up.

Based on materials from “KP”, womanhit.ru, “7 Days”.

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