The 'offended' Mónica García makes a shirt to show off that Ayuso has "insulted" her

The leader of Más Madrid, Monica Garcia, he has made a t-shirt to show off that the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has “insulted” him. The deputy regionalist He has posed very smiling in his office in the Madrid Assembly with the T-shirt on which you can read «Ayuso has insulted me too».

A performance that from Más Madrid assure that it was not planned but that they have made the shirt in a express this morning, but according to García’s speech in the plenary session this Thursday, it seems that it was not something spontaneous.

García has begun his speech by recriminating the alleged insults that the Madrid president has professed. “I would be satisfied if he did not insult (…) Apologize to the women who have abortions and to the tenants for the insults he told them yesterday. They are not the first nor the last, the people who were queuing in the hunger queues were supported by subsidies, we health workers are thieves and boycotters, environmentalists want to go back to the caves, the rest of the communities were useless because they did not know how to live The Madrilenian during the pandemic and a servant is a prick with a limp mouth and corkscrews, and thus a long list of insults with unions, progressives, LGTBI groups, feminists, presidents, popes … then she will say that it is the left that collectivizes, but you are creating the largest group in Spain, that of people insulted by Ayuso“, has manifested.

According to sources from Más Madrid, the training has been seen «overwhelmed“For the good reception that the shirt has had in networks with” many people “asking for one. Thus, they affirm that the safest thing is that they release the content so that “people can make their own or adapt the design to the merchandising they want.”

Mónica García plays the victim for Ayuso’s alleged insults, but, nevertheless, she has refused to condemn other insults that the Madrid leader has received, such as when after a demonstration in Madrid last July for the murder of the young man Samuel in Galicia, the protesters began to shout «Ayuso, fascist, you are on our list».

The Popular Party has not been slow to respond to this provocation and its spokesperson, Alfonso Serrano, has made a montage with Mónica García’s shirt in which they have changed the message about Ayuso for a photo of when the deputy pretended that she was shooting the Minister of Economy with a pistol, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, during a plenary session in the Assembly. An image that has been accompanied by the message “To give lessons in respect, this one works best for you.”

In addition, the Popular Group in the Assembly has also tuned Mónica García’s shirt and has incorporated different messages such as “I have paid double”, “I have farms in Cercedilla that I do not declare” and “I have boycotted Zendal.”

But the campaign of victimhood of Más Madrid does not end with the shirt, but has also released a kind of game on its social networks to build an insult that they attribute to Ayuso and has launched a hashtag that says “Ayuso insults me.”

The game consists of choosing the month in which you were born to which an insult corresponds and the days of the month to which another corresponds and thus create phrases such as: “Socialcommunist with corkscrews”, “Feminazi with little cardigan at mass” or “Indigenista de the left caviar ».

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