"That meeting is not by chance": the meeting that could change the future of Sergio Ramos at PSG

Sergio Ramos’ debut with Paris Saint-Germain has once again been postponed due to his physical problems. Now, after months of secrecy surrounding his injury, the question remains whether he will be able to return to his best shape. In turn, Ramos is not the only person affected by the injuries, as Ferrán Torres and Eden Hazard return to their teams with physical problems. Meanwhile, Josep María Bartomeu has reappeared to respond to criticism for his management.

Ramos’ debut is delayed again

The PSG medical team has once again delayed the debut of the former Real Madrid player despite his insistence to return to the green. Given this problem, there is hardly any information on the physical problems of the plant.

Julio Pulido: “René Ramos’s presence in Paris and his meeting with Leonardo is not accidental. Something happens with Ramos’s injury.”

Antonio Romero: “Ramos may have missed the odometer, but he is always going to be willing to play the physical game for his team.”

Javier Matallanas: “The PSG doctors are helping him avoid a relapse. It’s the best for him.”

Miguel Martín Talavera. “It gives me the feeling that Ramos wants to play and that they are not letting him.”

Jesús Gallego: “I hope Ramos recovers soon and we can all enjoy him in the National Team, but it’s hard for me to understand this whole case.”

Álvaro Benito: “It is possible that before, with his youth, this injury did not take such a toll on him. Sergio is a marvel and as soon as there is no risk of relapse, he will return.”

Jordi Martí: “It is Ramos’s time to stop and avoid relapse. He has to assume it so that the situation gets worse.”

Hazard returns injured from the break

The FIFA virus affects the Real Madrid player again, jeopardizing his participation in the next matches.

Julio Pulido: “Hazard is not that he has had a bad time, but that he has been like this since he arrived at Madrid.”

Antonio Romero: “It’s not serious to warm up with 12 players in case Ferran gets injured like Spain did. You can’t let the footballer play, you have to have more control.”

Javier Matallanas: “Hazard has not had two good years and professional football does not wait. He has not had discipline and now it costs him more.”

Miguel Martín Talavera: “It gives the feeling that the medical bodies do not matter, it only matters what the technical bodies and the footballer want.”

Jesús Gallego: “The players have to be due to their clubs, not to their national teams. Roberto Martínez did not take care of Hazard when summoning him, even less by putting him to play. Now Madrid will pay the consequences.”

Bartomeu reappears to respond to criticism

The former president of Barça has reappeared to respond to criticism around his management, blaming the pandemic for the club’s economic situation.

Antonio Romero: “The only thing Laporta has done as president is to blame others.”

Jordi Martí: “Laporta thinks that Barça’s accounts are not explained only with the pandemic, but rather because of Bartomeu’s mismanagement.”

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