Tense debate among the candidates for deputies of the City of Buenos Aires

The first television debate of the main candidates for national deputies for the city of Buenos Aires took place on Wednesday night, as part of the candidates’ journey to the legislative elections of November 14.

In the program “A dos voices” on the TN channel, the candidates María Eugenia Vidal (Together for Change), Leandro Santoro (Frente de Todos), Javier Milei (Avanza Libertad) and Myriam Bregman (Frente de Izquierda) held an exchange of proposals, which was divided into three large thematic blocks.

Those blocks were “Institutional quality, security and justice”; “Health policy in pandemic” and “Economy, education and work”.

Words of Leandro Santoro

“Let’s talk a bit about institutional quality. Look what happened last week. The front labeling law was going to be voted on and the JxC deputies, instead of giving a quorum for a law they had voted in the Senate, preferred to harm it. politician to the government “.

“If we all know where crimes are committed, why does it continue to happen? Because we have a problem in the political leadership of the Force.”

“We received a country without a Ministry of Health. We recovered the health system, we built 12 modular hospitals in record time, we increased intensive care beds by 47%. Today 52% of the population already has the complete vaccination scheme ”.

The phrases of María Eugenia Vidal

“On September 12, 9 million people gave us a task: to build a majority in Congress that says ‘enough’ to the Government.”

“To fight against privileges is to fight against the system: it is to eliminate the retirement of privilege from politics, as I did in the Province. It is to ensure that the barons of the suburbs cannot stay 25 years in power.”

“The main health policy of the national government in a pandemic was improvisation.”

The participation of Myriam Bregman

“He surrounds himself with genocidal men and says that lefties are going to run away,” referring to Milei. “When Milei speaks against the caste, she does it to distract, to cover up the economic power, because she is her employee. None of the forces here present, they want to interfere with the true owners of the country who flee the money abroad. “

“Let’s be clear, the Argentine economy has a rope around its neck called the IMF, foreign debt, capital flight, privatized services.”

“Reducing the working day to 6 hours in large companies could create 900,000 jobs.”

Javier’s turn mercy

“Yes, I yell a lot. But because I am tired of the political caste. Yes, I am dangerous. I am dangerous for the political caste.”

“I am tired of the political caste that is stealing our future every day. If we continue like this in 50 years we will be the largest slum in the world ”.

“The Republic is broken and finished.”

“All of them adhere to an idea of ​​’where there is a need there is a right’, but the needs are infinite and if they create a right someone has to pay for it and the resources are finite and lead to fiscal crises.”

Santoro and Vidal, face to face

The candidate of the Frente de Todos decided to ask María Eugenia Vidal about the debt taking. “In the 4 years of our government we have to pay the Fund 44,300 million dollars. My question is very simple, how did you imagine that this was paid?” To which the candidate of Together for Change María Eugenia Vidal justified that “for those who do not have credit, there is no debt possible to pay. If we had won in 2019 we would have had better payment terms”.

Santoro assured that in the previous government “an IMF escaped and this government renegotiated and saved 37 billion

of dollars”.
Vidal completed that “the problem of debt and inflation is everyone’s problem, but the responsibility to govern until 2023” belongs to the current administration.

Then, they had another crossing that had to do with the tweet of the Security Minister, Aníbal Fernández, which generated a controversy with the comedian Nik. Santoro said that “it is a discussion that must be given within the political space” and acknowledged that “it was very bad.” But he recalled that Macri “listened (for spying on) Diego Santilli’s children, as denounced by Nancy Pazos, his mother, and that is more fucked up than a tweet.”

“I am a plaintiff because I was a victim, but there are no elements that involve Macri,” Vidal replied in the same sense as the wiretaps.

Counterpoint between Milei and Bregman

First, the candidate from La Libertad Avanza tried to greet the Left Front candidate, but she refused the greeting. Later, Bregman pointed out: “He can’t stand that she is a candidate, he just wants to shout shitty lefties. Let him stop attacking and saying the word ‘fallacy’ that has already tired us all.”

And he continued in another section of the debate: “This man began to be educated, but in the acts he calls us shitty left-handers, he hangs out with genocidal men and wants to run us all away.”

Milei answered with a rhetorical question: “Dear Myriam, when you speak, can you do it with arguments, please?”

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