Ten love stories of fans for the National Team

People are crazy about the present of the Argentine National Team, which after winning the Copa América at the Maracana, continues to make each and every one of the fans fall in love with good football, dedication, and love for the jersey. In these ten stories of fans who are excited by the hand of the Scaloneta, the voices of other thousands and millions are represented.

“They got loose”

Marcos de pibe, with his father, always faithful to the national team.

Marcos is 21 years old and a lifelong fan of the National Team, but for the first time he feels so enthusiastic about the national team. “This Selection, unlike others, transmits a feeling of constant joy, the players are loose, connected with the people and play well. That’s the most important thing: they play ball well ”.

For him, the Copa América title obtained in Brazil was not something else for Lionel Scaloni’s team, but rather it is something that helps justify the great Argentine present. “In the semifinal, we passed against Colombia but there was criticism at the time, because the team was not what it is today. Three months later it is a different reality, it became a giant thing for society ”, he concluded.


Ulises, in Argentina - Uruguay, and a photo forever.

Ulises, in Argentina – Uruguay, and a photo forever.

“What makes people connect with people, although the Copa América influenced, was seeing a united group, who are pulling for the same side”Ulises Carlovich said that at the age of 20 he thinks he knows the reason for the connection between the team and the people. In addition, he said that he has always been a fan. “I never stopped being in love with the National Team, I was always a big fan. I think that today thanks to the title and this new litter, people are much closer “, said Ulysses.

And he is excited about the entire squad: “The team in general, I don’t think I could choose one. The performance it generated is what gives us hope, anyway, if I have to choose, I go with the Draw or De Paul ”. And on Sunday he saw Messi for the first time: “I went with three friends, none of them had seen Leo or the National Team. It was so cute. “


Trinidad Luque, 23, in the match between Argentina and Venezuela for the Copa América 2019.

Trinidad Luque, 23, in the match between Argentina and Venezuela for the Copa América 2019.

Trinidad Luque always felt identified with the National Team, but she knows that the Copa América helped. “When he started that cup I thought it was impossible for us to lose it, and it was like a plus because it is worth twice that Leo, Fideo, Otamendi win it “. And he added: “I did not fall in love with the National Team again, I was always a fan.”

Like many fans, he is excited about the squad. “Leo Paredes, because I’m from Boca. But everyone is at a spectacular level, “he said and recounted the time that with his family they left everything to see the Albiceleste, in the Copa América 2019.” We went on vacation to Brazil, Argentina was playing against Venezuela and we went. It was just that and keep getting to know each other, but we continued our journey and went to see the game against Brazil ”.


Fede, with Chaca's, in the match against Celeste.

Fede, with Chaca’s, in the match against Celeste.

“I feel identified with the style of play that they show in the matches, it gives me security,” says Federico Jalil, 21, regarding what this Selection generates for him. Likewise, he warns: “I don’t know if I’m a Scaloni fan, but I know that his formula works today. I like that there is a group formed and a project where you can see that everyone is pulling for the same side ”.

In addition, he spoke about the players he likes on the squad: “I am very excited about Drawings Martínez and Lo Celso. On Sunday on the court against Uruguay I could appreciate Julián Alvarez a little more and the truth surprised me ”. And finally, he expressed his wish for Qatar: “I feel like there is a lot of competition and you have to try to keep up. We have a chance to be in the race ”.


“Scaloni could change things,” thought Clara upon her arrival.

The first to get on the Scaloneta. Clara Rositano, 30, said: “It seemed to me upon his arrival that (Scaloni) as he was not a strong man, he could make things change. He worked at AFA for a long time and surrounded himself with people who wore the National Team shirt. He put together a work team, with a different concept and that made me have faith in him from day one. I liked his from minute one ”.

“The title against Brazil influenced the collective. We were all excited, something that had not been happening, “he said and has confidence in the team for Qatar:” The truth is that I am excited. Today we are a team, they would arrive perfect with this oiled dynamic and the support of the people. It is the Selection that we all wanted to see ”.


Hernán, along with his two children, in El Monumental encouraging the Scaloneta.

Hernán, along with his two children, in El Monumental encouraging the Scaloneta.

“The Selection has always been mobilizing for me. Since my children inherited this crush, I really wanted to take them to the field so they could experience it firsthand “, said Hernán Peña, 41, present at the Monumental against Uruguay, with two luxury companions: Manuela and Santiago.

For Hernán, this madness for Argentina “occurs more than anything for the title in Brazil”, but goes further: “See them celebrate live, showing themselves as fanatical as we are humanizes them and makes it easier to feel identified “. Draw for his “security and personality”, De Paul because “he leaves life, he has to be dead to leave the field” and Cuti Romero because “with him there is a central for a while”, his favorites from this new litter that excites.


Agustín, always with the National Team.

Agustín, always with the National Team.

“This Selection brought tranquility. Long ago I did not see a team with such security “, says Agustín Zabaleta, 26, regarding what the Scaloni team generates. He assures that “the replacement of players was necessary. The DT knew how to combine a new litter with some experienced ones ”. In addition, he highlighted several players who took the Argentine flag to the top: “There are players who represent us very well such as De Paul ,dra Martínez and Cuti Romero.”

Finally, he referred to the title obtained in the Maracana and was encouraged to palpitate what is coming: “Beating Brazil was a mental clean-up. Before we did not want to meet the powers, today we do. This group is not afraid of anything. In the World Cup in Qatar to all or nothing ”.


Belén said present in one of the stalls of the Monumental.

Belén said present in one of the stalls of the Monumental.

“I fell in love with the National Team again because of Messi. Seeing him happy, raising a title, is priceless “, Belén Trejo, 29, was present against Bolivia and Uruguay for the Qualifiers. For her, this feeling with the Albiceleste “has not been felt since the final of the World Cup in Brazil. All the people bench this team ”. Montiel and Álvarez for “what they are as players and for being from Millo”, De Paul because “he leaves everything and is crack”, and Fideo, for “being persevering and always trying”, are his standard bearers of the Scaloneta.

The celebration for the Copa América continues and Belén knows it: “You have to enjoy this present. For a long time the national team was hungry for titles. Many people who bench the Scaloni process were not even born in ’93, when it was the last time Argentina had won a trophy ”. Finally, he encouraged “Dream of winning in Qatar. It would be a great prize for Leo “, Hill.


Rodrigo (the third, from left to right) and his friends in the Monumental vs.  Uruguay.

Rodrigo (the third, from left to right) and his friends in the Monumental vs. Uruguay.

“This team has the attitude of always going forward, which identifies me a lot”says Rodrigo Nebreda, 23, who went to the Monumental to see the National Team against Uruguay, his return to the fields since the beginning of the pandemic. “The main reason for going on Sunday was Lionel Messi. I could not not see live and direct who for me is the best footballer in history. Besides, I think that nobody would like to miss the classic from the River Plate ”, released Rodrigo.

On the other hand, he spoke of the relationship that was strengthening between the fan and the team, where he gave reasons to believe that the fact of having won the Copa América influenced in part: “We live in a totally results-based country, there is no process that resists no victories. But, Beyond the Cup obtained, the desire that this team puts in each game infects any spectator, because they are hungry for glory ”.


Ariadna, in the Centenario Alta during the 3-0 win over Uruguay.

Ariadna, in the Centenario Alta during the 3-0 win over Uruguay.

“The fans were crazy. If it wasn’t for the pandemic, we would all have hugged each other, we were happy and excited. There was a communion with the players and Scaloni ”. Ariadna Ocampo, 19, was a witness and part of the 3-0 win over Uruguay in the Monumental of the romanticism of the Argentines for the team. “It is the first time that the National Team has fallen in love with me. I am proud of how he represents us “, he counted.

Ariadna studies sports journalism and made changing rooms in YouTube broadcasts in the Copa América won in Brazil. “I loved it, it was something magical that will stay with me forever,” said who went to Núñez with Maradona’s ’86 jacket and threw: “This campus has no roof. I am excited about the World Cup ”.

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