Temperature, hearing and posture: the three areas that Apple explores for its future AirPods

Apple is exploring new health-related areas on your future AirPods. This was revealed by the Wall Street Journal in an article on the potential of headphones in medicine. According to the plans unveiled by the reputed newspaper, Apple is investigating the incorporation of temperature functions, precise hearing and body posture.

Your AirPods are your thermometer, hearing aid and posture corrector

AirPods do more than listen to music or watch a movie, aided by mind-blowing spatial audio. They also help us to communicate by phone, dictate messages or give orders to Siri. Although these functions are already quite useful, Apple is not satisfied with them and aspires to much more. These are their plans, according to the WSJ:

  • Measure body temperature with a thermometer inside. It would be the second sensor of its kind, after the one rumored in the 2022 Apple Watch.
  • Functions for improve hearing of the user. It is not clear if Apple is developing new features or is going to position existing ones, such as those introduced last week.
  • Ergonomic position of our body, measured through motion sensors that are already integrated.

Measuring body temperature and possibly improving hearing would require new sensors. But the detection of correct posture of our body could well be added via software update. The WSJ indicates that these plans are tentative, have no known delivery date and there is a possibility that they will be completely scrapped.

Next week is Apple’s Unleashed event, which expected to be Mac-centric. However, AirPods 3 have been expected for months and in each keynote the hopes of its announcement are revived. Mind you, a Mac-centric event may not be the right place.

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