Tayda, the trans daughter of musician David Lebón, died

Today afternoon Tayda Lebón, daughter of singer and guitarist David Lebón, passed away in New York. The news began to circulate on social networks from a tweet published by Franco Torchia. The journalist wrote: “In New York, where she lived many years ago, Tayda Lebón died, an artist at all times, intelligent at full volume and architect of her survival. Daughter of David Lebón. I had been asking for help for months. No further details yet. Much sadness”.

As a trans person, to some extent, your decision to settle in New York had to do with part of that change. During a long interview with LA NACION, in 2017, when faced with the question about the transformation process and if he wanted to define himself in some way, he answered. “It is rare that in all definitions you get the word” sex “or” sexual “when it is rather an affinity with another person beyond what is between the legs. Precisely, this would be the opposite of sex. How two people connect, for compatibility and attraction, is so simple that for some it can be complicated. In general, men attract me, and have always attracted me, but when we talk about love or affinity between people, genitality does not define anyone (…) There is no such way in minds that grew up with information more than anything. social and religious and that is also perfect, as long as what they feel for themselves and for others is true. As well as the respect that my individual decision deserves to choose for my life what seems best to me and makes me happy. Neither I, nor anyone else, has to ask permission to be one or one. The key is to live and let live with respect.

His personal decisions had mixed acceptance. According to her, she was not well received by her mother, Liliana Lagarde, although she also provided a curious fact. “I keep calling myself Tayda. My mother was sure she was going to have a baby girl and thinking about women’s names, a friend suggested Tayda, who is a princess from India. When I was born, seeing that I was not physically a woman, decided, anyway, that they were going to call me that anyway. This story I knew while I was in transition. “

For David, his father, he only had praise: “My father was, is and will be my best friend. With its pros and defects, as we all have. I am who I am because of him. I can be free because I have been allowed to be free. And that is something that I never lacked from my dad. I feel loved, always listened to. He is proud of me. Respect is what I learned from him. Tanguito was not stupid. Love is stronger! The rest is bullshit ”.

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