Speed ​​limit 130: CDU top politician thinks it's crazy - "I can drive 250 too"

Speed ​​limit 130: CDU top politician thinks it’s crazy – “I can drive 250 too”

10/14/2021 at 1:35 p.m.

A CDU politician railed against Tempo 130.

A CDU politician railed against Tempo 130.

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If the possible new traffic light coalition decides on a general one Speed ​​limit on German autobahns?

The Greens and the SPD wanted to participate in the election campaign Speed ​​limit of 130 enforce – for reasons of climate protection and traffic safety. The FDP was against it. What will the negotiations now lead to?

Speed ​​limit: top CDU politician thinks it’s crazy – “I can drive 250”

The Union is clearly against a speed limit on motorways. A CDU top politician made this clear again with a pithy slogan.


Speed ​​limit

  • The maximum speed allowed in urban areas is 50 km / h and on country roads 100 km / h
  • In most European countries, a general speed limit also applies on motorways.
  • In Russia the speed limit is 110, in Spain, Portugal and Belgium a maximum of 120 km / h is allowed.
  • There are also speed limits on the highways in the US states. They vary between 105-140 km / h.


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The parliamentary group leader of the CDU in Saxony-Anhalt, Siegfried Borgwardt, railed against a general maximum speed. “If I drive towards Hamburg at three in the morning, I can drive 250 if there is no danger,” said Borgwardt according to the “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung” on Wednesday in Magdeburg.

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The general speed limit 130 is “completely crazy”, says the CDU politician

He wants “intelligent networks”. It is “completely crazy” to insist on a speed limit of 130 km / h at night when the motorways are empty. In addition, the German autobahns are the safest in the whole world.

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Tempo 130 only “symbolic politics” when it comes to climate protection?

What Borgwardt does not mention, however, is the climate protection aspect of a possible speed limit. According to a study by the Federal Environment Agency, Tempo 130 could save around 1.9 million tons of CO2 annually.

However, that in turn is only a minimal proportion of Germany’s total CO2 emissions. For example, they were 702 million tons in 2019. That is why critics of the general speed limit speak of “symbolic politics”.

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