Machtdemonstration à la Kim Jong-un: Nordkoreanische Soldaten zeigen beherzte Kampfkunst (Video)

14 Oct. 2021 14:49 o’clock

As part of an armaments exhibition in Pyongyang, North Korean soldiers gave an amazing martial arts performance. They punched concrete blocks with their bare hands and lay down on broken glass. Head of State Kim Jong-un was visibly impressed.

On Tuesday, North Korean state media broadcast video footage showing the soldiers’ breathtaking stunts. Among other things, one could see how uniformed soldiers hit a half-naked comrade with a hammer on the forearm or hand with full force. Another sequence featured members of the military who lay bare-chested on broken glass and nails, after which blocks of concrete were placed on their stomachs and smashed. A scene was also shown in which a topless soldier was beaten with wooden sticks.

Head of State Kim Jong-un attended the show in person. Recordings show how he watched the spectacle smiling and clapping.

The performance was held on Monday as part of a military exhibition to mark the 76th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Korean Workers’ Party and was intended to demonstrate the army’s self-defense skills. The North Korean leadership took the opportunity to present its latest branches of arms. Including a newly developed hypersonic missile, which Pyongyang claims to have successfully tested last month.

In a speech, President Kim proclaimed that he was building an “invincible” military to counter the “ongoing hostility of the US”, but not to allow relations with South Korea to escalate further. He is from the newspaper Washington Post quoted:

“The US has often signaled that it is not hostile to our state, but there is no action-based evidence to lead us to believe that it is not hostile.”

Washington would continue to create tension in the region with its wrong judgments and actions, Kim added.

In the past few weeks, North Korea has conducted several missile tests to demonstrate key developments in its conventional and nuclear weapons program. South Korea also demonstrated new military technology.

The two nations have been in a clinch for years over the dispute over supremacy on the Korean Peninsula and disagreements over the controversial North Korean nuclear weapons program. Recently, however, Seoul and Pyongyang had achieved a certain rapprochement by reopening their direct communication channels at the beginning of October after a break of several weeks.

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