Sara Hernández (PSOE) wants to be mayor of Getafe for 12 years despite signing a cap of 8 for the ethical code

The mayor of Getafe, Sara Hernández (PSOE), wants to run for a third term. This would translate into holding the baton for 12 years, despite the fact that he signed a code of ethics committing himself to a maximum of 8 years in the position. «As a member of the candidacy of the PSOE of Getafe I promise to: (…) Accept the limitation of terms, so I will not be in office for more than eight years. After this time, if he wanted to occupy the same position again, they will have to pass at least two legislatures », included the Code of Ethics of the PSOE of Getafe. The first signature on the document in question is the mayor of the town since 2015.

Six years have passed and Sara Hernández has forgotten that commitment that she signed cin his handwriting on April 14, 2015. On September 22, the assembly of members of the PSOE of Getafe communicated its approval for the mayor to be a candidate for the third consecutive time.

The socialists from Getago claim that by signing the local code of ethics, then, “the possibility of extending said period was established if the assembly of militants so decided, as has happened”. However, that supposed clause was not written down anywhere.

Thus, the local PSOE officially proclaimed Sara Hernández as a candidate for mayor of Getafe for the 2023 elections, “after it has been approved by acclamation the assembly of militants and 10 days after the local Executive also explicitly supported the continuity of the project in the city.

The mayor and leader of the PSOE of Getafe declared that «it is an honor continue to count »on the support of his colleagues, with whom he shares« the hope that this continues to be a better city every day in which to live and put down roots ». Sara Hernández affirmed that they are achieving «to put Getafe in the place it “deserves”, as a “strategic center for progress and quality of life, although there are still challenges to be faced to achieve it.”

Deleted document

To try to contain the controversy, the PSOE of Getafe has erased the ethical code from the party’s website. Is still published a message in their social networks where the original link appears. However, upon entering the link does not work.

For its part, Carlos Pereira, spokesman for the Popular Party of Getafe has transferred his criticism. «We ask ourselves in what shredding machine municipal Sara Hernández has slashed her code of ethics by which she promised not to be more than two legislatures in office and which she now fails to comply with. The mayor is on injury time, her time is up. She is worried about her future, not about Getafe, “she laments.

«We ask him from the PP to fulfill his commitment to be two legislatures in office and do not cling to the chair that she has become her throne because her colleagues have not voted for her and it has been she who, in the purest absolutist style, has proclaimed herself with a laurel crown to continue being a candidate in 2023, “say those of Pablo Casado.

Criticisms of the PP

The popular criticize that “the word of Sara Hernández, like that of her boss Pedro Sanchez it is worth nothing. If he is capable of breaking his ethical commitment to the people of Getafe, what will he not be able to do ”. «With his behavior he shows that he’s not trustworthy, it generates frustration and deception and this seriously harms Getafe and the creation of opportunities, employment and progress for our neighbors, “they value from the PP.

This opposition group believes that the mayor “has to leave not only because of her incompetence in management but also because she is not taking her word for it. one more deception to the Getafenses ». They point to a “lack of political ethics” that they have detected “on many occasions.” They recall, for example, that as published by OKDIARIO, the first mayor raised a banner against the expansion of the dump from Pinto to Getafe and now he drives it. They also recall that he defended public education but fired 33 teachers of municipal nursery schools or who champion the fight for public health but doubled the IBI Getafe hospital and health centers.

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