Pedro Sánchez said for the first time this Thursday that King Emeritus Juan Carlos I would have to give explanations to the “disturbing information” that has recently been published about his accounts.

“I think it would be convenient for King Juan Carlos to state his opinion on these disturbing facts and information that undermine the confidence of the Spanish people in the institutions,” said President Sánchez.

In an interview in La Sexta, the Prime Minister also thanked the PP for having reached an agreement with the PSOE to renew four constitutional bodies but has asked him to make an “effort” to also unblock the General Council of the Judiciary ( CGPJ) to “comply with legality”. This is how the interview was:

Over the volcano

We do not know how long the eruption of the volcano can last. The last eruption lasted almost three months. We are about to end the first month of eruption. In this time in which we are seeing a succession of crises, we see how important the public is.

We have allocated 300 million euros between the Government of Spain and the Canary Islands. We are going to put in all the money it takes to rebuild this wonderful island.

On the renovation of institutions

Finally. We have been blocking institutions for more than 1,000 days that we have to renew from time to time. In the case of the CGPJ every 5 years. I want to thank the PSOE and the PP for having reached this agreement, which is fundamental and the unlocking of 4 important institutions highlights the unreasonableness of the blockade. I would like to ask the PP not to make an advantageous reading of legality. I’m sorry that we do it in the next few days.

It makes no sense for the PP to unblock four institutions, which I acknowledge and thank them for, and we should not do the same with the CGPJ.

The judges choose the judges. The judges who come out in parliament come out of associations of judges or of judges who endorse other colleagues. We fear a system that has worked for 35 years, whether the PP or the PSOE will govern.

The PP has presented two initiatives to change the system and has lost both. It does not have a majority to achieve it.

On the boos he received on October 12

Personally … Nobody likes to be insulted. Boos, .. Being insulted is never pleasant. National symbols are symbols of all. It is a mistake (Casado’s words). Are insults winning the presidency of the Government? We have to respect the institutions. I respect freedom of expression, but insults are outside of democracy.

About the price of light

I keep it. The Government’s commitment is that when the year ends, the average electricity bill of any citizen will be similar in 2018 to what we pay in 2021. We will comply with the measures we have taken and those that we could take for deviation from this objective. We are cushioning the impact of the rise in gas and energy. The European leg is missing and it is the one we are fighting.

Gas supply is guaranteed. It is true that we have a geopolitical conflict between Algeria and Morocco, but it is guaranteed. It could be more guaranteed if we had a European reservation.

The PNV belongs to a region where the industrial weight is very great. What we are going to do with the industry is to tell the electricity companies “if you propose contracts where this over-profit is not contemplated due to the rise in prices, it will not be necessary to apply this measure to them.” The pity is that we do not have the PP even to this extent and it is not even able to abstain.

About Carmona at Iberdrola

They will know. I am not the one to tell a company who it has or not to hire or to tell a PSOE militant what to do with his life. I owe myself to citizens, to businessmen, to industry, to businessmen … What the people need is a committed government.

On Casado and his words that Spain is “bankrupt”

One can make a tough, forceful opposition … In the Cortes Generales, it is tough but one should not generate alarm with speeches that threaten the intelligence of the people. That Spain is bankrupt … Is this the opposition we have? Spain is not bankrupt. Spain grows. Spain is creating jobs. We have employment levels prior to the pandemic and we have a low risk premium. We are going to reduce debt.

About inflation

The biggest concern is inflation. The Government wants to propose a fair recovery. We have all suffered the pandemic. We need the budgets to reindustrialize the country and redistribute wealth among the most vulnerable layers of the country.

About Ayuso and the distribution of money between CCAA

I think Ayuso has been confronting the Government for a long time in everything. If I say A, she says B. If I say B, she says A. It is an electoral strategy. The Government bets on Madrid. I would like Ayuso to be able to collaborate once with the rest of the citizens.

About pensions

It is clear that the generation of ‘baby boomers’ is going to put more stress on the public pension system, but the system is sustainable. We have ended with a factor that meant a reduction of their future pension of 20% for the younger generations.

About Juan Carlos I

We are not doing any exercise of favoritism for being King Juan Carlos. I don’t know if the emeritus wants to go back to Spain. I think it would be appropriate for King Juan Carlos to state his opinion on these disturbing facts and information that undermine the confidence of the Spanish people in the institutions.

About the pandemic

The masks indoors until the experts and advisers tell us. In this autumn context it would be prudent for them to continue wearing it. Chancellor Merkel was surprised by the use of the mask in Spain.

About the legislature

I still have a lot to do in this legislature. What I can guarantee to the Spanish is that the legislature will last until the year 2023. Despite the criticism and the difficulties, we are a government that is approving its commitments.

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