One of lime and one of sand. Very much in the style of his personality. Pedro Sanchez has thanked the PP “that we have been able to reach this agreement” to renew the main constitutional bodies after 1,000 days of blockade at the same time that it has accused Pablo Casado of “poor and unfair” for considering that his speech “the only thing that seeks is to damage the international image of Spain.”

In an interview with Antonio Garcia Ferreras on The sixth the same day that the PSOE and the PP have agreed to renew the majority of constitutional bodies with the exception of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ), the president thanked “the PSOE and the PP that we have been able to reach this agreement, recognizing the effort, although it should not because we are complying with the law. Not a mention of its Podemos partners, who today have vindicated through Yolanda Diaz who had also participated in it.

Despite this gratitude, Sánchez has charged against those of Pablo Casado for not also renewing the CGPJ. The socialist reminds them that “the Constitution is not applied according to whether the PP does well or not.” And he maintains that “it is the judges who choose the judges, because they are proposed by associations of judges.” “Let’s not make a reading of the advantageous legality” he has sentenced, because “we have already been blocking the institutions for 1,000 days.”

It has been even tougher against the head of the opposition, who this Thursday has supported him in the renewal of the constitutional bodies, when he has spoken of the economic recovery derived from the pandemic. In fact, when speaking of the European Recovery Funds and the management of the coronavirus, the president has forgotten that attitude with the main opposition party accusing the PP of having a “poor and unfair discourse with his country”, adding that thus ” it damages the international image of Spain ».

“The emeritus should give explanations”

Sánchez considers that the King emeritus, Juan Carlos I, should give public explanations about the alleged collection of commissions and money accounts abroad. The president again speaks of “disturbing information that undermines confidence in the institutions” while assuring that “I promise my word that we are not doing any exercise of favoritism before the King Emeritus ”. The chief executive says that he has “no information” on a possible return of Juan Carlos to Spain, at the same time that he has insisted that his departure to the Emirates was “a decision he made, with the Royal Family.”

Defend the entrance to Ghali

Regarding the controversy that continues to generate the irregular entry into Spain of the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, which has led to the indictment of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Arancha González Laya, the president has defended the legality of the entry of Ghali “for humanitarian reasons”: “We did what we did and we did it well.” A Zaragoza court investigates what happened and, despite protecting him in his statement in court, the former minister pointed to the Palacio de La Moncloa when asked who made the decision.

“Outside the freedom of expression”

“Being insulted is not pleasant.” This is how he has valued the boos that on October 12, in the parade of the National Holiday, he received from thousands of citizens. Sánchez assures that “I respect freedom of expression, but insults are out.” The president highlights that “the symbols belong to everyone” and asks “to respect the institutions.” It has also been asked if “Casado is endorsing the insults to the Presidency of the Government.”

Situation on La Palma

On the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma, which in recent hours has intensified its intensity, Sánchez has explained: “The eruption of the volcano is going to long”. However, after speaking with scientists, he stated that “we do not know how long it can last.” Taking hold of the request made by a La Palma neighbor during one of his visits, the president has asked to “be united” in the recovery of the island.

At the gates of his re-election

Pedro Sánchez will be re-elected by acclamation, this weekend, secretary general of the PSOE. The 40th Federal Congress of the socialist formation, surely one of the most placid in memory, will be a ride for your leader. He arrives at the Valencia appointment without fear that any critic, as happened previously, will contradict him. Now he concentrates all the power and he will use it to configure a tailor-made team, with submissive people, with many new faces with low profiles, as he did in July with the reshuffle of the Government.

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