ProSieben Show: “The Masked Singer” Season 5: All masks at a glance – from chilli to pug

The ProSieben show “The Masked Singer” is returning to prime time with a new season and a new slot. We’ll tell you here which masks will appear in the new episodes.

Hooray! Followers of “The Masked Singer” are already excited Saturday October 16, against, because then the music advice show goes into its next season. Fans had long wanted the new slot, as the show usually ran on Tuesdays until 11 p.m., now it finally takes place on the weekend at 8:15 p.m. The most important thing about “The Masked Singer” are the masks. You can find them all here:

The hammerhead shark

The hammerhead shark with large fins comes along in a chic diving suit in pink and neon yellow, but the biggest thing about him is obviously his head: The good piece is three meters long. That should be a challenge.

that Chile

How big can you grin? The chilli’s answer is simple and simple: Yes! Fire-red suit with flames and a green nose with huge eyes – the chili is a very hot contender for the hottest costume.

The pug

As in real life, pug dogs are just as cute as sugar. The big, sad eyes and the silty, wrinkled skin with the snub nose are just pretty. But in “The Masked Singer” the pug is also a cupid with love arrows and angel wings.

The skunk

Rhinestones, a Venetian headdress, a four-meter-long tail: the skunk appears pretty big. The mask maker calls the costume a “fight against gravity”. Who is hiding behind that?

The heroine

So far it has always been the male characters who appeared aggressively on “The Masked Singer”, now it’s also a woman’s turn. “The heroine” is a fighter who usually lives in the forest. The mask consists of 47 individual parts – sounds like a lot of work.

The Teddy

As it should be for a good teddy bear, it is not just bought new, but passed on from child to child and this is what the costume looks like: super cute, but also quite damaged. The costume has seams and torn off places all over the place. Original “Steiff” stuffed animal covers were even used for the fur.

The axolotl

A costume that changes color depending on your mood? With the “Axolotl”, however, a lot of effort has been made. Rainbow colored pearls are the secret. As a character, the axolotl is described as childlike and playful. The animals never leave their larvae status.

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