Presidential 2022: The political purification underway!

While some political leaders, such as Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga of the ASMA-CFP, are pondering their fate at the Central Arrest House in Bamako, others have taken to the chase to escape the purification initiated by the proponents of a transition short of inspiration. Purification of the political field. Elimination of potential opponents? Latent desire to prolong the Transition? Anyway, the witch hunt started against certain political actors of the deceased regime leaves one whispering about what is happening at the top of the state.

Hired to hold an 18-month transition, the authorities of the Transition are far from keeping their commitment. The priority seems no longer to be the date of February 2022 for the presidential elections, but to the overhaul of the state and obviously to the purification of the political field.

After the second coup against Bah N’Daw, the witch hunt, which does not say its name, takes on a puzzling pace, barely the appointment of Choguel Kokalla Maïga, who has meanwhile become fierce opponent of the outgoing regime, as Premier Minister.

In the name of the fight against corruption and impunity in the case of the purchase of the presidential plane and military equipment, former Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga is scrutinizing his future at the Central Prison of Bamako. He remains so far the only politician arrested. His supporters of the ASMA-CFP even speak of a “political detainee”.

Some like Dr Boubou Cissé of the URD (even if his membership in the party causes so much controversy) and Tiéman Hubert Coulibaly of the UDD would have taken a tangent. For the moment, they are fleeing into the “maquis”. Others such as Presidents Pr Tiémoko Sangaré of ADEMA and Dr Bocary Treta of RPM are pondering the fate that will be reserved for them by the authorities of the Transition. If the first is cited in the same military equipment file as the former Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, the second would be referred to in the adulterated fertilizer file.

All these form the hard core within the Framework for the Exchange of Parties and Regroupings of Political Parties for a Successful Transition in Mali. A framework which scares the authorities of the transition, because extremely committed to the respect of the deadline of the Transition.

The latter see in the project of creation of the Independent Authority of Election Management (AIGE) and in the holding of the National Refoundation Assizes (ANR) a maneuver by Prime Minister Choguel to rule them out.

With less than six months of the end of the Transition, the political actors realize that an extension from six months to one year is not avoidable. For what purpose?

While support for the extension is modeled on the need for the overhaul of the state before any election, as this is not the mission of the Transition, some political opponents of the Transition authorities argue that the Prime Minister is at the front. on behalf of the Prince of Koulouba, a taciturn, who would nourish the presidential ambition. Colonel Assimi wants to follow in ATT’s footsteps (peace to his soul).

One can read in the Prime Minister’s latest outings a clear desire to divert the attention of a very intractable international community with regard to respecting the respect of the Transition deadline. Dr Choguel is ready to keep his chair as Prime Minister, even if it means going to coal. It is hardly surprising to see him launching arrows in all directions, ECOWAS and France have already had their doses.

As everyone can see, the President of the Transition Assimi Goïta shines with his silence, but acts in silence. This silence fits with the qualifier of taciturn that his former teachers have stuck to him. Don’t we say that the tiger does not proclaim its tigness, it leaps on its prey and devours it?

All in all, the consummate or planned arrest of certain political leaders of the late regime reflects the ambition of the supporters of the Transition to get rid of any obstacle to the materialization of their ambitions. It is also politics! Break through adversity to better reign. Except this method, these relentlessness cannot continue to thrive.

Cyril Adohoun

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