"Politicians know that it is important to fight cancer.  Another thing is that they make it a priority"

As we get older, we are more likely to develop cancer. Future projections are worrying and are closely related to the aging of the population. María Blasco, director of the National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), has spent years studying how to prevent cell aging and delay the onset of cancer. The director of the CNIO – one of the best research centers in the world – warns that cancer is already the prevalent disease in Europe. And it will go further: in 2050, a third of the population will be over 65 years old.

The illness

“Cancer is a very cruel disease and quite difficult to control, because we detect it when the tumor is already very advanced. The origin of a tumor cell is an aged cell, a cell that we should have eliminated from our body in order to survive, based on altering genes and acquiring immortality “

“90% of cancer deaths are due to metastasis, a process that has not yet been studied much. The problem is that even if we remove the tumor from the original site, some cells may remain, which travel and reproduce in the liver , in the lung or in the brain. Therefore, it is very important to learn to block metastasis “

“In the case of brain metastasis, the tumor cells remain attached to the blood vessels. They can go a long time without acting, until something happens. Before traveling to the recipient organ, they educate it. Furthermore, not all organs are receptors cancer tumors. They usually pass to the liver, lung and brain “

“Any cancer, even pancreatic cancer, if it were detected very early, would be curable. Cancer takes decades to develop and that means that when it is detected it is too late. 5% of tumors have a genetic origin. genetic alterations that you can inherit and give you a greater chance of developing cancer “


“We have created the figure of a friend of the CNIO. Your donations allow us to attract research personnel. 100% of the donations are directed to the hiring of the best researchers with contracts for two years”

“The percentage of GDP that Spain dedicates to research does not reach the European average. All politicians are aware that it is important, but another thing is that it becomes a priority. It should be Spanish society itself that makes it clear that it is important to them “

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