Paul-Saint Paris: "Furiani victims have their dignity and are honored as they should"

29 years after the Furiani tragedy, the Senate approved this Thursday the freezing of professional football matches in France on May 5 (with the exception of the European Cups). Interview with Paulu-Santu Parigi (Paul-Toussaint Parigi in VF), senator of Upper Corsica, bearer of this bill.

Interview by Léo Tourbe, in the Senate
Thursday 14 OctoberModified Thursday 14 October at 15:13

How was the session this Thursday?
First, it’s a lot of emotion. The session went very well. There was already a trend that had emerged in recent days so we knew that all groups would respond positively, or else let us know that they would not vote against. Afterwards, we cannot prevent democracy from speaking, so there was a voice against. There was work with all the groups. There is no political recovery from a moment or pain like this. Today, we are no longer in communication, but in commemoration. It is not over since we will have to think about how to commemorate this day.

Since when is it in the pipes?
Since last year. The law was proposed to the National Assembly by Michel Castellani, member of the Libertés et Territoires group.

It’s been almost 30 years and there had never been a bill?
I believe that there was once, in 30 years, the postponement of the matches on May 5. But for the rest, in general, not much has been done.

“Banning dating is not the term. It is rather not to party at the time when the greatest drama in French sport happened. ”

Why ban matches on May 5, rather than let them play? As in England on April 15 with the Hillsborough drama.
Banning dating is not the term. It is rather not to party at the time when the greatest drama in French sport, and football in particular, happened. That’s why we freeze the matches.

Is it true that the LFP and the FFF have not been very cooperative?
It’s always the same problem. What is indecent of them is not to find a solution. It’s good to tell us “we don’t agree, that’s not the way to do it”, but … It’s been thirty years that it lasts, it is they who should have taken their responsibilities to commemorate this event as it should. They didn’t, so the law overrode their abilities.

Are you afraid that they will not respect the law, since there is no sanction?
We don’t think there is a need to impose sanctions. But the law is law, they will have a reminder of the law.

Some opponents think that we legislate too much. What do you think ?
I cannot be completely against at the start, if it had happened 25 or 28 years ago… Now, we cannot postpone this commemoration yet. Today, I believe that the victims of Furiani have their dignity and are honored as they should be.

Personally, what does Furiani represent to you?

For me, it will be a memory that will never be erased. I can tell what I was doing at the time, where I was …

Where were you ?
I was at home, watching the game on TV but not listening to the TV commentary. So I had the radio on and I was looking at the pictures. And I heard the radio stop. Everyone who animated RCFM that day had just fallen. At first I did not understand why I had no more sound on the radio then I saw the images on my screen and I understood that something had just happened.

Did you lose loved ones that day?
Yes, I lost some. And then I have a lot of friends and relatives who are hurt in their flesh, who are hurt.

Was it the famous “king money” that killed the 19 victims of the disaster?
I heard someone say that it wasn’t quite that … But of course it is! There were 6,000 possible places for this meeting, we went, I believe, to 18,000. It is inconceivable when you know the structure of the Furiani stadium. We went beyond all possible security measures. The inevitable happened. Yes it’s money king, yes it’s immediate profit, yes it’s football that makes money, business.

Interview by Léo Tourbe, in the Senate

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