Pablo Iglesias melts upon hearing Pope Francis speak "like a communist"

Pablo Iglesias has confirmed what is pure evidence: that Pope Francis is a benchmark on the left. And it has done so with the reverse argument, that the Spanish right does not sympathize with the successor of San Pedro.

Francisco is “enormously interesting and extraordinary,” said the former vice president of the Government and alleged former leader of Podemos yesterday during his speech in the cycle ‘Conversations in the Future Century. Thought, Society, Ethics and Politics’, an event organized by the Siglo Futuro Foundation on the Guadalajara campus. His participation consisted of a dialogue with the theologian Juan José Tamayo on ‘Politics and religion. A historical dispute ‘, moderated by the professor of Political Sciences of the UNED and vice-rector of Associated Centers, Jesús de Andrés.

Although Pablo Iglesias admits that religion is not one of his favorite hobbies and that he has great differences with the Pope insofar as he is the “head of an international organization such as the Catholic Church,” but he sympathizes with the message Franciscan that “there are ideologies that defend the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation, and that these ideologies are the cause of inequality and undermine the right of control of the states in charge of ensuring the common good by establishing.”

For the podemita, it is “impressive” that these words come from the mouth of the Pontiff and not from the “general secretary of a communist party”: “He dared to say that capitalism kills and that behind this economy is the rejection of ethics and of God”.

Dialogue in Catalonia

In a more purely Spanish key, Pablo Iglesias attributes the rejection of the right to the Argentine Pope for “defending dialogue in Catalonia” and saying that “perhaps there are historical wounds of the twentieth century Spaniards not closed.”

It also seems significant to Iglesias that Francisco launched some of these messages after a meeting with the Prime Minister “the same week that Vox presented a motion of censure.” In his opinion, he thus demonstrated “an enormous subtlety” to emphasize the coincidence of both circumstances.

Francis then also quoted an Italian communist, Siegmund Ginzberg, who in his latest book warns of an “authoritarian regression” in some European countries. For Iglesias, it was not innocent that the Pope made this reference in Spain. Therefore “it is normal that the right hates him.”

The former leader of Podemos also adds that if the Spanish Churches are not aligned with the forces that, according to him, are trying to overthrow the socialist government of Sánchez, it is because Bergoglio is the one who is in charge and has imposed his imprint on the bishops.

And to top it off, he praises that Francisco has “apologized a few days ago for the colonization and the role of the Church in the conquest of Mexico.”

And already launched, Pablo Iglesias attacks the Spanish right accusing it of being undemocratic, an argument lately widely used among the left of this country: «that the right criticizes a Pope is not so new because when the Spanish right has not liked a Papa has always said it. It is part of the style of the Spanish right in which they like democracy if they win.

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