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  • After several strange movements, Ateş distrusts Efsun

  • Another lie to Mehmet Emir causes the lawyer to decide to follow her

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The police investigation is going faster than it seemed and Nuran and Ilyas are taken to the police station to testify. They are both very nervous and they improvise on the fly so as not to arouse suspicion. Efsun waits for news at the mansion, but is afraid that his father will not take the pressure and tell everything, so he prepares for what may happen. While, Bahar calls Ateş very worried about the future of her parents.

In the next chapter of ‘He stole my life’ we will witness a very important finding in the police investigation that will change everything. In addition, Osman will return ready to take revenge once and for all on Mehmet Emir.

Ilyas and Nuran, about to be discovered

Marriage lives in constant tension. Ilyas seems to have forgotten the idea of ​​confessing, now he wants to start earning money and gets a job on a construction site. Meanwhile, Nuran tries to smooth things over with Sakine. But while they are not at home, they get a big scare: the neighbors of the neighborhood are having a party in the garden of their house (i.e. where Yusuf is buried). The first to know is Ilyas, who panics to the surprise of all the neighbors. Although it seems that no one has discovered his secret.

Bahar and Ates distance themselves because of Alp and Efsun

Ateş is starting to feel something for Bahar. He is not even able to hide when Efsun tells him the love story of Alp and the young woman, which turns out to be false, but he achieves his goal, to keep the right hand of Mehmet Emir away from his sister. Another collision at the exit of the office causes the outbreak of Bahar, who faces Ateş after learning that he had planned to fire Alp (another lie to separate them): “You can’t despise people for not having money,” she reproaches him. “I have not said that. do you know what happens to you? That you trust everyone except me ”, he sentenced.

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The lawyer is ready to prove to Bahar that his sister is not clean wheat. When he catches Efsun in another lie, he decides to follow her and discovers that she has arranged to meet Alp at a hotel. Ateş sends an anonymous message to the young woman informing her of everything and she shows up at the hotel to see it with her own eyes, although she finally does not see the couple.

Mehmet Emir wants Efsun to go back to school

In the mansion Hülya and her husband are going through a serious crisis that could end in divorce. This further tightens the nerves of Mehmet Emir’s sister, who continues to bite her tongue when the topic of conversation involves Efsun. Besides, andThe businessman and his wife want their daughter to resume her studies in a prestigious place, now that you have the chance. But she does not intend to waste time studying, having the position she has now.

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The police are still investigating Yusuf’s disappearance. They go to the neighborhood and Sakine tells them everything she knows: that the lord came asking for Ilyas and Bahar, he walked away and did not see him again. The officers’ next move is to take Ilyas and Nuran to the police station. If you do not want to miss the advances of the investigation that could bring the truth to light, you have an appointment. ‘He stole my life’ from Monday to Friday at 9:45 p.m., in Divinity.

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