Those who reported experiencing moments of terror are the residents of the Rotarismo neighborhood, in Culiacán, due to the lack of vigilance in the streets of the sector, as well as the failures in the public lighting service. According to those affected, this situation has occurred for several months and despite the complaints before the authorities, a solution has not been given. Those affected make a call to the municipal Public Security Secretary, Mauricio García Rodríguez, to send them more police patrols in the area. If you are one of those affected, make the complaint to fon 667 760 1427.

> The breed does not ask for much
The race of the Pedro Infante neighborhood, in Salvador Alvarado, is very desperate with the badness of the streets where it did not reach the pavement, because they are scared of how bad they are, so much so that the poor people already prefer to walk than go out by car because with so much up and down everything loosens up, especially in the part where the bridge that adjoins Satélite Street is, a mega lagoon is made that seems to be sinking to the Titanic. The race of that colony even says that they have already lost the memory of when the streets were fixed, they say that they do not ask for much, even if it is a scratch and fill the space where the bridge ends. How good it would be for a noble soul to take pity on these people and I called the director of Public Works and Services of Salvador Alvarado, Hugo Alberto Soto Mata, at phone 673 732 0781 and gave him the whistle of what the poor race of the Pedro Infante to see if before he leaves, he gives himself a little free time and fixes the street.

> Collapsed drains and garbage adorning
The inhabitants of the port of Topolobampo are no longer sure that it is a privileged and high-altitude port, because in reality they are totally forgotten by the municipal authorities. They assure that tourists are very surprised, but to see so much outbreak of sewage running through the streets in front of the hotel and the piles of hills of garbage in the corners prowled by dogs. They do not want a dirty port, so they ask the entire Ahomense population to help them with a call to the director of Public Works and Services, Rael Rivera, at phone 668 816 5006 to comment on this sad situation that exists in port. Shame on ya!

> Race concerned
Those who are but very concerned are the merchants who have their businesses on the Benito Juárez Boulevard, where a sinkhole was made and everything indicates that due to the work and investment it will not be possible to finish in this administration, so they commission the engineer. Mauricio López Parra that either they put the batteries or leave everything in order so that the next administration gives continuity and ends it until the sinkhole is closed, because reporting to 687-87-1-87-02 has served them little.

> Congratulations
The one who put the batteries and was ahead of the events to prevent a misfortune was the director of Planning in Mazatlán, who since he knew the probabilities that Pamela would affect the port, spread the word and got to work to remove the tarps and any removable structure that could fall or break with strong winds. If you want to send him a congratulation or give him a call to encourage him and continue as timely as it proved to be, you can dial 669 915-80-07, with Jorge Estavillo Kelly, director of Planning in Mazatlán.

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