Manuela Ferreira Leite: "Compared to European countries, our middle class is the poor"

Manuela Ferreira Leite harshly criticized the negotiations between the Government and left-wing parties regarding the State Budget, considering that everything is a political “theater” and that, in the end, the country will be the biggest losers.

It is a theater and we are the spectators, and we take what is sometimes fantasy as reality. In this theater, António Costa presents to the Assembly of the Republic a previously failed Budget”, the commentator of the TVI.

Both the Left Block and the PCP have already made it known that they do not vote for the document in its current version, so Manuela Ferreira Leite considers that the document does not even deserve to be read.

If I were a deputy, I wouldn’t even take it. Analyzing a budget is something that takes a lot of work. It takes many hours for something that won’t be that, because if it were that, it wouldn’t be changed”, he stated.

The commentator believes that the Government will give the PCP an increase in pensions from January and an amendment to the labor law. If it is not a theater, stresses Ferreira Leite, the prime minister will be guilty of creating a political crisis.

Asked whether the intervention of the President of the Republic, which opened the door to elections if the budget is not approved, feeds this “theatre”, the former Minister of Finance says that Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is limited to putting “the dots in the is” .

António Costa is putting the interests of the party above national interests. Playing with the Budget to get any kind of partisan effect is all the country doesn’t need. The only certainty I have is that the budget that will come out is worse than the one that came in. The changes that will be made can only make it worse”, he stressed.

The commentator also attacked the split of the levels of the IRS, considering that the real savings that the Portuguese will be able to take out of the measure is “almost ridiculous”.

If we look at the ranks and compare with other European countries, we can see that our middle class is the poor. We are effectively getting in the tail of Europe. Everyone is taking steps to grow and enrich and we are taking steps to stay the same or get worse”, he explained.

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