Loyalty Day: The President called for a march on Sunday 17

President Alberto Fernandez called to march “to all the squares of the country” next Sunday, October 17, Peronist Loyalty Day. About 48 hours after announcing the suspension of the act that the Government had planned in Plaza de Mayo, the head of state issued a statement in his capacity as president of the Justicialista Party in which he called to “commemorate that extraordinary popular feat that was on the 17 October 1945 ”. “Let’s do it in peace and unity,” he asked, in a message shared by the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. The announcement came after the calls made by the Workers’ CTA headed by deputy Hugo Yasky and the Plaza de Mayo Mothers Association led by Hebe de Bonafini. Buenos Aires minister Andrés Larroque, leader of La Cámpora, admitted that there was “a willingness of the militancy to express themselves” although he clarified that his group had not made “an organic decision.”

Sunday the 17th is Family Day. Let’s celebrate”Begins the letter that Fernández signed in his own hand. “And in the afternoon, starting at 4:00 p.m., now that we can, let’s mobilize to all the squares to commemorate this extraordinary popular feat”, referring to the massive labor and union mobilization that in 1945 demanded the release of Juan Domingo Perón and that symbolizes the birth of Peronism. “Let’s do it in peace and unity, let’s celebrate as a family with all the care and respecting the protocols that this moment imposes on us“Asked the president. “May the musicians bring their music, the poets their poems, the protagonists of the struggles their memories. Let us transform this meeting into a true celebration of democracy ”, he proposed, and requested that“ we remember that October 17 but above all we are very united to build a better future together ”.

With the argument that the date overlaps with Family Day, the Government had announced on Tuesday the suspension of the act and its participation in the mobilization of the CGT on Monday 18. While different organizations internally debated what to do on the 17th, Bonafini went ahead and called for mobilization with the slogan “no to the payment of the foreign debt”. “You don’t have to pay it because we didn’t make that debt. We do not know where that money is, it was stolen by Macri and we cannot pay the money for a robbery, ”said the head of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association. “Let us raise our voices so that the world, Latin America, hears us, let us shout loudly, let us not forget that on October 17, when the plaza de gente was flooded, it changed the lives of millions of men and women who were being postponed. If we get that the debt is not paid, there will be many more happy people, “said Bonafini.

Leaders and militants of social, trade union, political and human rights organizations then began to support this call. At noon, the Workers’ CTA announced that “this October 17 we will be with the Mothers in the Plaza.” “We commemorate Loyalty Day in the streets!”, He stressed, and called for mobilization “in all squares of the country.” Later Daniel Catalano, secretary of ATE-Capital, confirmed to Graphic Radio the participation of the union “together with our Mothers, for the non-payment of the debt and to give Alberto (Fernández) strength to do what he has to do.” “The debt is with the people and it is now. We are Peronists to conquer and guarantee rights, not to pay the Fund,” he wrote.

“For me, Mothers, Grandmothers and CHILDREN are the moral reserve of the Nation. They called and I will go where Hebe and the Mothers tell me, “said social leader Luis D ‘Elía to Telam. The Intransigent Party (PI) and the Octubres Movement, led by Parlasur deputy Gastón Harispe, also joined. Nahuel Beibe, secretary of the National Current Martín Fierro, announced that they will mobilize “together with thousands of Peronists, the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and a wide space of popular organizations of the Frente de Todos.”

I’m going to the Plaza de Mayo on October 17. Also on the 18th there is another act called and I plan to go. It will be the 17, the 18 and many days that they find us mobilizing because that makes the essence of Peronism and our political force“Larroque told radio The uncovering. The Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires Community recalled that “if there is something that was built from the bottom up, it is Loyalty Day” and added that “people want to go, to participate, it is natural.” “There is a great expectation after so much time of distancing, of care, and now there is the possibility, just after the epic that the vaccination campaign has meant in our population, “he said. Regarding his group, La Cámpora, he clarified that” he did not make a decision organic regarding the march ”although he admitted that“ there is a willingness of the whole of the militancy to participate ”.

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