14 Oct. 2021 09:42

With a traffic light coalition, the chances of cannabis legalization increase. Now the SPD politician Karl Lauterbach also spoke out in favor of legalization: This could put a stop to the alleged trade in “street cannabis mixed with heroin”.

The SPD politician and talk show expert Karl Lauterbach has changed his mind on cannabis and has now spoken out in favor of legalization. In an interview with the Rheinische Post He spoke out in favor of including a passage on the legalization of cannabis in a possible coalition agreement between the SPD, FDP and Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen. He stated that he had opposed cannabis legalization for years. In the meantime, however, he has come to a different conclusion:

“More and more often, the illegally sold street cannabis is being mixed with a new type of heroin that can be smoked. This quickly drives cannabis users into a heroin addiction.”

With a legalization of cannabis, however, the trade in the allegedly contaminated hashish can be prevented. However, the SPD politician did not provide any evidence for his claim that cannabis is stretched with heroin on the black market. The youth organization of the FDP, the Young Liberals, meanwhile, are calling for an even more far-reaching drug reform: In an interview with the Rheinische Post explained the head of the Young Liberals, Jens Teutrine:

“The prohibition, criminalization and stigmatization of cannabis has failed.”

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The corona crisis showed that the state should take care of more important things than “the prosecution of harmless stoners”. Adult cannabis should therefore be freely available in licensed specialist shops. Only full legalization and no model projects would ensure the necessary quality standards and the protection of minors. The immense resources that are tied up in the police and judiciary as a result could be better used in this way elsewhere, according to Teutrine.

FDP and Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen are in favor of legalizing cannabis and are in favor of selling it in licensed specialist shops. First of all, the SPD advocates a “regulated charge” to adults in model projects.

In view of the coalition negotiations, representatives of police unions had already warned against legalization: The federal chairman of the police union, Oliver Malchow, told the New Osnabrück NewspaperThere is no point in opening the door to another “dangerous and often trivialized” drug alongside alcohol. The chairman of the German Police Union, Rainer Wendt, also told the newspaper that cannabis is not only a dangerous gateway drug, but also a danger, especially for young people, because its composition cannot be controlled.

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