Larionov is no longer a youth coach.  But the transfer to the reserve team for him is a promotion

The selection of personnel in the process of forming the headquarters for the Olympics continues. Unsurprisingly, no final decisions were made on 12 October. The shortlist with four surnames, which Soviet Sport reported on Monday – Gonchar, Kudashov, Nabokov, Fedorov – is still relevant. In any case, in the eyes of Zhamnov.

But the list is not final. It is no coincidence that the “SS”, having released on September 11 insiders on the staff of the headquarters, made a special reservation: “That’s all for now.” The key word was goodbye. When only three days passed between the announcements about Znark and the appointment of Zhamnov himself, it is not surprising that in the situation with the head coach’s assistants, everything can change even faster. Moreover, both before the new “Day X”, September 18, and after.

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And now – new information. There are chances that Larionov can also work at the headquarters of the Russian national team at the Olympics. Now he has been transferred by the federation from the post of the head coach of the youth team to the post of the head coach of the Olympic team, not the main, but in fact, the second team. And there is an option that in the coming days he will receive an offer to move to the main team.

First of all, I would like to joke that the main criterion for an invitation to the headquarters is from now on a stellar gaming past. But seriously, inviting Larionov would be a wise step.

For NHL players, he is a legend. Together with Zhamnov, the Professor could form a strong tandem capable of creating the right atmosphere in the dressing room. Both have a wealth of experience in both the NHL and the Olympic Games and know how not to overheat the players. In addition, both will feel confident at the main tournament of the four-year period – and transfer confidence to the team.

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Larionov would strengthen the staff in a purely coaching component. The rosters staffed by the best players in the world, the transience of the tournament – experience is definitely required here. And Igor Nikolaevich has been working in the national team system for a year and a half. He is exactly what a practitioner. The professor congenially understood ice hockey as a game when he was a center-forward – but recently, he has undoubtedly acquired the skills and construction of the training process. And playing from the bench. And communications inside the locker room and the coaching room.

The Professor has already had his own coaching fiasco – MCHM without medals. But he knows the cost of mistakes and understands how to prevent them next time. I have no doubt that Igor Nikolaevich deeply analyzed the reasons for his coaching failures. I understood what the miscalculations in recruitment, incorrect methods of physical training, friction with partners in the coaching staff and other miscalculations that left the youth team without medals in January.

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But there is another unobvious trump card that will give the team an invitation from the Professor. Have you seen the news that Canada is asking to play in the Channel One Cup – because even there, in the homeland of hockey, they are not completely sure about the prospects for NHL participation in the Winter Games? So, if the overseas league abandons Beijing, Larionov’s appointment will work like a game of anticipation. He will go to the Slovak Cup in December, where the “small” Olympic team of the country will play. This will be a job with that Kahaelovsky cage that will not make it to the Eurotrip, but should be considered as a personnel reserve in case of Plan B – the Olympics without the NHL.

Oleg Bratash (vast experience in such tournaments) and Vladimir Filatov (victories + medals from the U18 national team, whose players will begin the transition to the youth team) will be able to cope with the preparations for the MFM. They have been working in the system of national teams for a long time and have held many international tournaments, including victorious ones, and have experience of working at the MFM.

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