"It will be that it was not so bad": the chilling list of reasons a woman 'hasn't been raped'

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, defended in Congress this Thursday the law for the comprehensive guarantee of sexual freedom, a rule that seeks to break the silence of the victims. “This government, this State believes you, and this law is only the beginning. The future is feminist, only if it is yes,” he said.

Montero has taken the floor in the hemicycle at the beginning of the debate of the amendments of totality presented by the PP and Vox to what is known as the “only yes is yes” law, a norm that requires express consent in sexual relations, deletes the distinction between abuse and sexual assault, recognizes new rights to victims and advances in the fight against pimping.

With her speech, Montero has reviewed many of the situations denounced by the feminist movement in recent years in relation to sexual assaults. The minister has wondered, for example, why in Spain it is easier to report any other crime than sexual assault: “When a woman is raped, why do we prefer to tell a friend rather than a judge?”

“If you stay still it is not a violation”

“Our own legislation, when faced with a sexual assault, questions the victim and not the aggressor,” Montero has denounced. “All women know that they are going to find questions that are going to place them as guilty of their own aggression: ‘Did you defend yourself? What did you do?’ Because if you don’t move away, if you don’t hit, if you don’t scratch, yes you don’t push or if you stay still, it’s not a violation. “

The minister continued to ask questions from the rostrum: “‘What were you wearing? Had you drunk? Had you used drugs?’ Because if you painted yourself, if you wore a short skirt, a thong, if you drank or left the glass alone, you were the one who put yourself at risk. “

Montero has continued to review some of the excuses women must face: “Were you going alone? Did you know them? Did you smile at them?” Because if you went home alone, if you agreed to go with them, if you went without your friends, if you entered that portal with the five of them or if you went up to that house, you may have looked for it or you liked it. ‘Did you say that no? ‘Because if you didn’t say no, you still wanted to and you didn’t regret it. “

“Countless reasons”

“There are countless reasons to tell a woman that she has not really been raped. If she is a migrant woman, why is she making it up, looking for papers or looking for money. If she is beautiful, because she looked for it. If she is ugly, she simply lied. If you have been raped, you should not have the strength to even tell it, and if you remember everything, maybe it is because you liked it. If you have been raped you will not smile again, or go out to party or lead a normal life, because if you do It will be that you are not so bad, and if you are not so bad it will be that it was not so bad or that it did not happen “.

The minister, who has begun her speeches condemning the latest sexist crime, has assured that this project comes “to break the silence” of the victims and turn the will of millions of women into law.

“At last they will be heard”

“We are going to tell these women that after many years of fear, loneliness and not being believed, finally their testimonies and their experiences matter. At last they will be heard,” he stressed.

Montero has also urged the popular to “return to the playing field of the State Pact against gender violence” and has promised to work with them to achieve their final support for the law, something that he does not see possible in Vox.

“Purple thread”

The minister has paid tribute to the feminists who for decades have drawn a “purple thread” to improve the lives of all women and fight against “the sexual double standards that have always prevailed in this country.”

After assuring the PP and Vox that his veto is “very old, as is the patriarchy,” he insisted that with this rule the “unanimous cry” of the great-granddaughters and great-great-granddaughters of those women is made law. A cry that says “Only yes is yes” and “Sister, I do believe you,” he said, paraphrasing the slogans that flooded the streets after the La Manada case.

Men don’t need to

Montero recalled that all women have at some time changed the route when returning home to avoid places that seemed unsafe; they have looked back in fear walking alone down the street; or they have notified a friend or relative that they had come home safely, after which they have asked why men do not need to do so.

“If you have not thought about the answer, let me say it clearly:” No man needs to send those messages that he has come home safely, no man lives with that fear, because it is women who are raped, because they are women. ladies and gentlemen, for the simple fact of being one โ€, he stated, looking at the popular bench.

The law, in his opinion, is part of a “great international feminist tide”, in a new generation of feminist rights promoted by the Me Too movement “, but also by the” I do believe you “shouted in the streets of many cities Spanish.

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