Increase for private home workers

The Ministry of Labor endorsed today a new joint agreement that reaches a 50 percent salary increase. SIt is about a new increase for workers in private homes, which consists of an extra fee from 6 percent in November and an increase from 5 to 7 percent in December, so that the annual accumulated goes from 42 to 50 percent. This decision is known after the agreement closed on Tuesday by the UOM with a joint renegotiation for 50.2 percent.

The agreement was reached in the Salary Council for Private Home Workers, where a revision of the salary guideline signed for March 2022 was agreed. In turn, the portfolio headed by Claudio Moroni declared mandatory conciliation to avoid a 24-hour train stoppage on Thursday called by the La Fraternidad union, which also seeks to increase its parity.

Last June, private home workers received a first increase of 13 percent, to which a 12 percent increase was added in September, for which they had a better than 25 percentage points, far from the inflationary pattern expected for 2021 This agreement adds a 6 percent in November and the increase of the percentage that had been originally agreed. For March 2022 a rise of 12 percent remains unchanged.

The agreement did not specify, for the moment, the minimum values ​​in which each category will remain. Until today, the first category, corresponding to “Supervisor” has a minimum salary of 34,910 pesos (with retirement) and 38,886 pesos (without retirement). The hourly pay is 273.50 and 306, respectively.

The second category, which includes “Personnel for specific tasks” has a provisional minimum salary of 32,433 (with retirement) and 36,104 (without retirement). Per hour, meanwhile, they charge 264.50 and 290 pesos, respectively. In the third category, “Homemakers”, the minimum wage is 31,644 pesos (per hour, 249.5).

Meanwhile, the fourth category, which corresponds to “Assistance and care of people”, the provisional minimum wage is 31,644 pesos (with retirement) and 35,264 pesos (without retirement). Hourly pay is 249.50 and 279.50 respectively.

For its part, in the fifth category, “Personnel for general tasks”, the minimum monthly payment is 28,457 (with retirement) and 31,644 (without retirement). Per hour, meanwhile, 231.50 and 249.50 pesos are paid, respectively.

The agreement contemplates a differential payment for “unfavorable areas”, where an additional equivalent to 30 percent is added on the minimum wages of each category. This category is applied in the towns of La Pampa, Río Negro, Chubut, Neuquén, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands and the municipality of Patagones in the province of Buenos Aires.

Also, since September, the seniority additional that is equal to 1 percent of salary for each year of work in a household applies. Since there is no backward effect, if the employment relationship started 4 or 5 years ago, for example, the obligation is now to pay 1 percent. And then yes, every time a new year is fulfilled, another 1 percent is added, without a time limit.

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