In Canada, a meteorite falls on the pillow of a sleeping woman

The meteorite that landed in Ruth Hamilton’s bed

METEORITY – More fear than harm for Ruth Hamilton. This Canadian who lives in Golden, a town in British Columbia, was awakened by a meteorite falling into her bed on Monday, October 4. While asleep, she heard a crash and felt debris fall on her face.

“I jumped out of bed and turned on the light, I couldn’t understand what had happened,” she tells Canadian media Victoria News. After initially thinking, terrified, that someone had jumped on the bed or that it was a weapon, she looked at the object and saw that it was a stone. The latter landed on his pillow, right next to his head. Fortunately for Ruth Hamilton, she escaped unscathed.

The meteorite and the hole in the ceiling of Ruth Hamilton’s bedroom

Ruth Hamilton immediately called for help, not knowing what to do with this stone. Police initially believed the projectile had come from a nearby construction site in Kicking Horse Canyon. “We called to see if they were blasting and they weren’t, but they said they saw a bright light in the sky that exploded and caused explosions,” says Ruth Hamilton.

The stone that interrupted the Canadian in her sleep was therefore a meteorite. “I’m just totally amazed that it’s an object that came from the sky, maybe billions of years old,” she echoes.

The hole in the roof of Ruth Hamilton’s bedroom

Regarding the damage to her house, Ruth Hamilton explains that her insurance company must check that the damage caused by a meteorite fall is covered. In any event, the company has not had many such cases to settle before.

The fall of the meteorite made Ruth Hamilton realize “that life is precious and it can disappear at any time, even if you think you are safe in your bed”.

She has indicated that she wants to keep the stone because it amazes her grandchildren.

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