The Government against Vargas Llosa for saying that "vote wrong": "Does not recognize the electoral result"

The Government and the Popular Party have inaugurated a new “consensus” relationship. Twenty-four hours and two meetings have been enough to unravel the renewal of the institutional bodies. With the exception of CGPJ, whose relief continues to be blocked. The agreement, according to the parties, still does not include names. It will do so, at the latest, in ten days, when a plenary session is expected to make the appointments.

The PSOE and PP seats are not enough to activate the changes in the Constitutional Court, the Court of Accounts, the Ombudsman and the Data Protection Agency. However, both know that they have the majority. United We Can, through Yolanda Diaz, you have already confirmed your readiness.

Sources of the organization, in conversation with this newspaper, insist that “they have been part of the agreement despite not participating in the meetings” and that they will have their particular quota in the appointments. Those of Married they deny it and reiterate that it is a one-on-one with the PSOE. However, the unlock is already sealed.

Meanwhile, Vox has accused the PP of governing alongside the PSOE; and Ciudadanos has charged against bipartisanship for “a dark theater that involves the distribution of the State”: “For what is really important they do not agree.”

Felix Bolaños, Minister of the Presidency; and Teodoro Garcia Egea, secretary general of the PP; They have led the two meetings that have taken place between the afternoon of this Wednesday and the morning of Thursday. Both have appeared before the media in the Congress of Deputies to celebrate the agreement.

The beginning of what happened also took place in the Carrera de San Jerónimo, when Casado offered Sánchez the release and caught the president off guard. So much so that he did not respond in his turn to reply to the head of the opposition and Bolaños had to leave, minutes later, to tell the media that he was going to call the PP. So it was: the call to García Egea ended with the first of the appointments.

Taking into account the usual bellicose tone between the two organizations, the use of expressions such as “spirit of dialogue” has drawn attention. Something like this was only glimpsed when the members of RTVE were distributed.

“It was not starting from scratch”

Bolaños explained the suddenness of the pact with the negotiations that stalled in February, when all the organs were about to be renewed, including the CGPJ: “It has not been starting from scratch. It is true that in the last few months there was hardly any dialogue, but the negotiations had been worked out ”.

“We have solved an anomaly. In government, the door had always been open. Now this spirit of consensus must be extended to the CGPJ, which has been in office for too long. It is not an option, we are obliged by law ”, the PSOE spokesman in Congress had an impact, Hector Gomez.

García Egea has highlighted “Casado’s outstretched hand” as a turning point. He has agreed with Bolaños in the “normality” that the renovation entails. Like the Socialists, he has assured that “it is possible” to address the replacement of the CGPJ before the end of the legislature, but the PP will continue to maintain its red line: reform the law that governs it at the same time that the alignment of magistrates is renewed.

“We don’t trust Sánchez’s word. If it is not done at the same time, we will not have the certainty that the norm will be changed to favor the independence of the judiciary ”, highlights another PP leader.

Those of Casado want to return the operation to how it was at the beginning of the Transition: the judges chose the judges. However, in the early 1980s, the felipism he took advantage of his absolute majority to grant the power of choice to Parliament.

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