Weitere Proteste gegen Grünen Pass in Italien erwartet – Hafenmitarbeiter drohen mit Blockade

14 Oct. 2021 13:36

Protests against the Green Pass are also expected in Italy next weekend. As of Friday, the 3G rule including paid tests will be mandatory for more than 23 million employees. Employees are now threatening to block Italy’s most important ports.

In Italy, the security authorities are preparing again for protests due to the tense situation. The background to this is the expansion of the so-called “Green Pass”. This will be mandatory for more than 23 million workers in the country from Friday. With the certificate, they now have to prove their status as vaccinated, recovered or negatively tested. In addition, corona tests are chargeable from Friday.

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets all over Italy last weekend against the expansion of the Green Pass, with the demonstrations being undermined by representatives of right-wing extremist parties. Following a demonstration, hundreds of people stormed the headquarters of the largest Italian trade union, CGIL, in Rome.

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Numerous protests are expected to continue over the weekend. On the one hand, further demonstrations against the Green Pass have already been announced. A show of solidarity has also been registered for the Italian trade union CGIL, whose headquarters were stormed in Rome. 12 people were arrested, including members of the right-wing extremist Forza Nuova party.

The government of Prime Minister Mario Draghi is now considering banning the party. After the riots at the weekend, the public prosecutor’s office is already investigating several party members. In view of the announced protests, the Ministry of the Interior is playing for time so as not to further heat up the situation by banning the demonstrations, as mayor’s run-off elections are also pending in Rome, Turin and Naples. That is why Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese does not want to inform parliament until next week about the incidents at the union headquarters.

In addition to the protests against the Green Pass and possible blocking of motorways by demonstrators, the security authorities also expect the country’s most important ports to be blocked. The reason for this is the introduction of the 3G obligation including paid tests for employees. Currently, 40 percent of the 950 employees at the Port of Trieste are unvaccinated and do not want to undergo the paid tests that are necessary from Friday to access the workplace. The rapid tests are valid for 48 hours and cost 15 euros. The President of the Trieste Port Authority threatened to resign in the event of a blockade.

"Italy in the stranglehold of Big Pharma" - Interview with lawyer Dr.  Renate Holzeisen"Italy in the stranglehold of Big Pharma" - Interview with lawyer Dr.  Renate Holzeisen

In view of the global delivery bottlenecks due to the lack of truck drivers, stagnant container ships and the shortage of semiconductors, the global economic situation could worsen further as a result of the blockade of Italian ports. Concerned about a port blockade, the Italian Ministry of the Interior called on port authorities and companies in the logistics sector to continue offering their employees free tests. The workforce rejects this offer, however, as the 3G obligation is viewed as unconstitutional and discriminatory. According to media reports, Thomas Baumgartner, the head of the ANITA freighter association, also stated:

“There is a real risk of a ‘mass exodus’ of drivers who have already announced that they want to return to their countries of origin or even move to other European countries in order not to have to be vaccinated or tested for the Green Passport.”

In addition to Trieste, blockades are also looming in the ports of Genoa, Naples and Palermo. There, too, numerous port employees are not vaccinated against Corona and are calling for an end to the 3G regulation, which is chargeable for people without proof of vaccination or recovery.

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